New words entering the British Army lexicon

I was wondering whether anyone had noted any new words which are now being used as a result of TELIC / HERRICK?



Iraqistan, a whole new country I fail to find on a map.


Infanately Do'able?
I have to object to a phrase being absorbed by British Officers. The word socialise, as in "I really think we need to socialise this idea with ...." This is corporate speak gone mad and not helped by the bastardising of our language by our colonial cousins. :x :x

Just been working for a senior UK officer who loved the use of the word. To me it was on a level with fingernails being dragged across a blackboard!
Quite unforgivable. Rant over!
'Kinetic'. As in 'We were 5 mins out from the target when it all went kinetic'.

Never heard that before Telic 4. Puts me in mind of Edmund B - "God I love nurses (Staff Officers?)...they're so disgustingly clinical..."
How about surrender, as in the 'navy offering'???
What about 'RIP'? I know the Relief in Place has been around for yonks but havent we always previously referred to operational fmn handovers as roulement? We seem to be calling everything a RIP these days.
The word 'liberation' is now synonomous with 'invasion'.

Rebuilding the country and preparing to hand over this beautiful democracy to the Iraqi people = we have fucked up, are now under siege but have too much of a stiff upper lip to admit it.

Mission creep.

Phantom WMD; at least during the Cold War we knew they existed!

Regarding lessons learned, one hears a lot of "Let's not get blinkered by looking down the Telicscope"


Give a 432 a lick of paint and a new windscreen and you have a Bulldog
Read the LAND OPSUMS for the current trend and vogue in Staffspeak. There we have encountered "the delta", "surge", "pulse" and the like, with new offerings appearing with each "iteration". Better still, loiter in the bunker and listen to the thrusters gabbling to their "two ups"; it really is the most disconcerting experience - English interspersed with Klingon.....
Baghdad-Brit said:

Regarding lessons learned, one hears a lot of "Let's not get blinkered by looking down the Telicscope"

And ignore one of Confucius's (attrib) sayings that "if you would know the future, study the past".

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