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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Infiltrator, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. Guys,

    Need some opinions please. I need a new ADSL router. I'm fed up with my Linksys continually needing reboots as it keeps dropping the WiFi and won't allow anything to connect unless it's been powered off.

    I used to use, almost exclusively, Netgear kit, and never had a problem, but having a look at a few reviews for their latest kit, it looks like they have problems with the WiFi too.

    Specs, Need at least 4 ports and I need a stable, and long range WiFi signal. I would like some form of USB data sharing, but it's not essential. I don't want to spend more than a ton, but would like to spend significanly less if poss.

    Any Ideas?
  2. If your budget can stretch I would use a Draytek Router

    When I worked for a living we used these for off site CCTV monitioring because of their Stability

    About double your money though
  3. Unfortunately not. But in UK, I have a Netgear router which is the dogs bollocks but is over 5 years old now. Recently BT announced that they had improved their broadband and I might need to buy a new router. Thanks, basteds. So I am also interested in the responses to this thread.
  4. I used to have Netgears to for home use and since I moved to a brand new gaff BT have manged to kill 2 of them

    At the moment Im using BT hideous Router until I can convince SWMBO onto Fibre Broadband
  5. If you have newish pc kit check to see if it's 802.11n compatible as this has faster wireless rates and won't cost a lot more also linksys is owned by cisco who are major playes in the networking world and they have a good choice of router.
  6. TCD, I have a mixture of G and N kit, but not really bothered about the speeds for N, I just want something stable. My experience with Linksys is that it is far from that, hence my post. I have worked in IT for years, and I really thought that Linksys would be good becasue it is Cisco, but it just aint the case.

    Eodmatt, my old Netgear stuff really was the dogs danglies...As good as it came bar nothing on the market, but I don't don't see the rave reviews for the new stuff, that's why I'm asking what's good and what isn't.
  7. I know linksys got a bad press but since cisco came along they've actually had to lift their game and seem to be a lot more stable now.
  8. AAGF


    Data point: I've been running a Linksys WRT54GS for about 5 years or so - it's bulletproof so far., and is on the latest firmware. Besides the main PC, it "talks" (WiFi) to my PSP, wife's Wii, my Toshiba Thrive anywhere in the apartment. Flawless piece of kit.
  9. Stick with Netgear mate, you won't go far wrong. Have a check of the Rangemax DGND3700. I'm using the WNDR3700 which is the broadband equivalent. 4 Gigabit ethernet ports for your home LAN and Dual band wireless N. I bought it last December and its never dropped the connection once.

    It allows more than one SSID, so stick your missus and kids on one network, preferably the 2.4ghz and set your self up on the 5ghz. If your sad like me you can also get custom firmware (DD-WRT) for it so that you can have VPN, telnet/ssh access etc.
    The linksys stuff is getting back on track as well.
  10. OP check if your Linksys can run the open-source | Unleash Your Router firmware. This may cure the rebooting issue

    If you do buy new, for long range, look for a router with detachable antenna, then you can swap the 3" ones for 6" or larger (cheap on ebay) ones to increase range.

    EOD, are BT upgrading you to adsl2+? Your existing Netgear may be OK, check Netgear's website. Same | Unleash Your Router poss solutions too.

    Lots to read here: Wireless Router Reviews | PC Pro

    I use Belkin kit and have never had a problem with them (apart from non-detachable antenna).
  11. Do you know how BT are 'improving their broadband'?

    I am using an ancient DG834 (old Virgin ADSL router) which is firmware locked to Virgin (have done extensive research on this and can't find a way to flash it) and it still works flawlessly. I am on TalkTalk (ADSL2+) as they are the only supplier that is LLU on my exchange, the router never drops out (with 3 laptops, desktop, Wii, XBox 360, 3 mobiles and a Vodafone SureSignal box attached to it) and I have a steady sync speed of around 19-20Mbps, although I am pretty close to the exchange which helps.
  12. Sadly, I too am using a WRT54GS and am resetting it so regularly. Every time one resets it, one loses the WEP encryption so no-one on my network can work.. It was good, but not now !!
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