New Winter Olympics Event

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by WEATHERMAN1956, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. Skeleton Event at the Winter Olympics

    When I first heard about the Winter Olympic sport of Skeleton I thought, "Where did they dig this sport up?" But it turns out that this was a bone afide Olympic sport nearly a half a century ago (54 years to be exact...that is a bit of tibia for you).
    I just watched the event, and saw the competitor who won the Cold Medal in by a marrow margin (just fractures of a second!). One of the commentators said that there is a world cup circuit for Skeleton but their winnings are small compared to other sports so they are pretty much doing this all pro bone-o.
    For those of you who think that skeleton is easy you have been seriously miSLED. It takes a lot of skull to do this spine-tingling sport. Unlike the things that you strap on your feet and then ischeum down the hill, you have to lay on your tummy as you sled down the run. I think I would femur comfortable knowing that I had a soft cushion of snow to land in rather than the bone-crunchingly hard ice of the skeleton run. If you don't take the curves just right it can coccyx several seconds on your time. I think Skeleton is going to turn out to be a hip new sport. They probably won't get as much ribbing as the lugers do.
    I hope you found this piece humerus.

  2. No
  3. Continuing your theme Weatherman, that was the most bone post I have ever read.
  4. The WishBone goes where no bone has gone before...

    Kirk: What is that ensign's name, Bones? He reminds me of a horse.
    Bones: He's Ed, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, what's happened to Ensign Hunger?
    Bones: He's fed Jim.

    Kirk: What club is the patient vactioning with, Bones?
    McCoy: He's Med, Jim.

    Spock: Jim! McCoy is lying on the floor not breathing after being hit by a
    laser! What's wrong with him?
    Kirk: He's bones, Spock.

    Kirk: Where's Spock? Last I heard, he was getting really sick of these
    Bones: He's fled, Jim.

    Kirk: What's my cat doing on the couch?
    McCoy: He's shed, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones! Its Ensign Paper! Is he ...
    McCoy: Yes, he's shred, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, what about Ensign Toboggan?
    Bones: He's sled, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, what about Ensign Yeast?
    Bones: He's bread, Jim.

    Kirk: Who's that one at the end of the list?
    McCoy: He's Zed, Jim.

    Kirk: So what happened to Jimmy Page, Bones?
    McCoy: He's Led, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, is he from the FBI?
    McCoy: He's Fed, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, that man just ran by at warp speed!
    McCoy: He sped, Jim.

    Kirk: Bones, who's that new crew member who calls himself Clampett?
    McCoy: He's Jed, Jim.

    KIrk: Bones, what about ensign Pb?
    Bones: He's Lead, Jim.

  5. Weatherman, don't you ever take a break from the bad jokes? :roll: