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New Wenger DPM Camo Watch

Seriously sad..... had to laugh. The Wenger watch at £69.99 is excellent value and made by one of the only two companies that are actually allowed to claim to be 'Swiss Military'

The other choices of DPM watch are fairly limited and this is the first one I have seen to actually have the DPM stiched on to a leather strap backing.

As to the design - everyone is entitled to their opinion, some will love it and others will think its naff.

At least with Wenger you know you are getting a decent watch for your money.
It may be a decent watch but in DPM??? I had one of those a few years ago in normal colours and I'll agree with you about the quality of them. Try selling it to Mr_Deputy. He's a walt after all and it will go well with his plastic gun!
I would think that if the enemy is close enough to see the face of your watch, it's probably too late to worry about cam and con. Does it have luminous hands?


Kit Reviewer
MilitaryWatches said:
At least with Wenger you know you are getting a decent watch for your money.
Very true MW, they're good kit.

I'm not knocking the quality of your stock at all, I've looked through your site on a number of occasions & have seen damn fine watches.

But as the Jack above says, in DPM ? It is more than a tad waltish.

If people want to purchase them it's food on your table.
(But please let us know who does buy them !)
I think its an individual choice at the end of the day. Some will like them and others will not. I remember the SA80 when it was first introduced, many gave that a right slagging......... oops, bad analogy as it turned out they were right :lol:

I'm sure these will go down well with the real men of paintballing :lol:

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