New weight restrictions for entry???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jimmy1880, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm hoping Iron or someone else whose an expert in recruitment can help me with this one.

    I went to ADSC in January and got reffered to a Army specialist who cleared me as medically fit for service. Now I've been told that I'm being defferred because of my weight?

    In January at ADSC my weight was over the ideal for my height but the caliper test showed that I didn't have too much body fat. The nurse at the time said she couldn't realisiticly ask me to loose any more weight as i'm heavy due to my build.

    What has changed in the rules since January? because even my recruiting sergeant didn't know about any changes.

    Also what if anything can I do about this deferral as there is no real chance of me getting to the weight ADSC has specified without causeing myself harm.

    Many thanks.

  2. whatsyour current weight
  3. A "big" lad got turned away at my local careers office and was told to get down to 94kg then he could further his application.
  4. jesus and you passed ADSC,decent run,pulls ups etc?? the reasons people are getting knocked back now are bloody ridiculous. Dont do yourself harm and loose your mass to an extent it make you weak or ill, withoout doing this realistically their is no way other than to appeal mate.

    Cal :(
  5. I do the run in 10:45. Strength and so on not an issue.

    I'm 86Kg's and 15% body fat so only 12Kg's of my whole body is fat.

    ADSC have said my weight is unacceptable and I need to be a maximum of 78Kg's.

    To get to that weight I'll have to get down to a body fat % of 6.5% which is very low! Just 1.5% more than the bare minimum the body should have.

    The PT instructor at my gym has said he thinks that weight will be unobtainable without making myself sick. I really wan't this so I'm going to try anyway!

    Why does the army not recognise the fact that people vary?

    Ridiculous really, Well since geting this news I'm on a diet of rabbit food with tuna or chicken breast as a treat. I'm still running everyday but it's hard without the calories. Wish me luck I'm going for it if I don't make it there's always the legion! lol!
  6. this is what im worried about got selection end of april im 6ft and 92kg but can do the run in ten minutes 3 pull ups and passed jerry can run but still worried about them deferring me for my weight
  7. FFS, the Army should know better than this! If you can pass all the physical tests, your weight/BMI should not be an issue. For a start, about half the English Rugby team who won the World Cup were "clinically obese"! 8O

    Sorry to read this, mate; you're being treated like sh1t and I would'nt blame you if you walked away from the Army now. If you are determined to try and lose the weight, good luck. But like Callum said, don't risk your health for it. :evil:

    I'd give serious thought to checking out the other Services and finding out what their weight restrictions are.

    Best of luck.
  8. this is bullcrap i got my selection on 14th april and im 6 foot 2 and 96kg. 13% bodyfat, bloody hope i dont get defferred for this reason!
  9. i think this is stupid because they dont kick people out of the army for being over weight why stop them joining :S
  10. You don't mention how tall you are Jimmy. 86kg is only 13.5 stone, which shoudn't be a problem, unless you're an oompa loompa.
  11. It does not work like that mate, because when you lose weight you lose a mixture of muscle and fat, its near impossible for anyone to get to 6.5% body fat, even if you lost 20kg you wouldn't be 6.5% body fat, because you lose muscle and fat.

    If you want to lose the weight, I would suggest a low carbohydrate diet for a short period of time, before you are going to be weighed you should cut carbs and water, loss of water and glycogen can sometimes help you lose up to 5kg of weight without actually losing it.

    Good luck
  12. Stand on tip toes when getting measured.
  13. The only "new weight restriction" I'm aware of, is the revised upper BMI limit of 32 rather than the old 28. But even that goes back a few years.
    In essence, there is a maximum allowable weight, which is relative to your height.
    A BMI of 32 corresponds to the following heights and weights.

    5' 6" 14st 2lb
    5' 7" 14st 8lb
    5' 8" 15st
    5' 9" 15st 6lb
    5'10" 15st 13lb
    5'11" 16st 5lb
    6' 0" 16st 12lb
    6' 1" 17st 4lb
    6' 2" 17st 11lb
    6' 3" 18st 4lb
    6' 4" 18st 11lb
    6' 5" 19st 4lb
    6' 6" 19st 11lb

    If you exceed these new limits, you are either overly muscular or massively overweight.
  14. I agree, if you pass all the fitness test then how is there a problem?

    On the topic of weight, does anyone know if there is a min weight?
  15. Why don't we have a "passing in" standard and a passing out standard?

    Doesn't matter what your weight, etc is. Just pass the basic requirement. And then if you don't make the grade by a set point, you get back squaded or put in to a "Hunter Troop".

    No point turning away otherwise good blokes.