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Might be worth explaining it in greater detail 'cos few will be arrsed to create a login. My understanding was the SAAB deal was 13.5 percent off and if you are eligible for VAT off then that whacks it up to 33.3 percent off list price. Then you also get 1000 quid off or an upgrade to the anniversary model.

Quite a good deal.
Varies slightly by model/manufacturer but it's basically a good chunk off list, obvioiusly your VAT status depends on who/where you are. Similar to the deal employees and 'associate' companies and organisations get. Also depending on model there may be free or subsidised insurance, cheap finance deals etc. The insurance is well worth it if there is a young driver to put on.

I'll download the details or a summary when I have a sec - if anyone is absolutely desperate pm me!
Its a fair discount without having to work hard to get it from the dealership but does the discounted prices listed leave any room for negotiation.

I sure that you can get deals from the high street that are at least as good and probably better.
The answer is it depends!

The discount levels are decided by the manufacturer and usually mean the full dealer margin, or at least most of it, leaving little room for negotiation. You'd probably find a similar deal from a dealer at the end of the month/quarter who needs registrations. However where it gets cheap is when you combine deals i.e. discount with finance packages, insurance etc. As an example, a 'Partners' deal gives a % discount, plus a cheaper finance rate, plus a 'Finance Deposit Allowance'. I've done recent deals where the customer has borrowed £2000, and Vauxhall have put in a FDA of £2200 on top. All depends how you work the system - sometimes better to take a slightly lower discount to qualify for 0% finance, which could work out cheaper over time.
For brand new, it can work out very well. The schemes don't apply to used, pre-registered or grey imports, all of which can occasionally be found at daft prices on t'internet or at car supermarkets, but there are pitfalls!

Feel free to pm if you have a specific query, can't guarantee speed of response as I shouldn't really be arrsing on work time!


Nice one not looking but will bear it in mind, regarding log ins I didnt need to submit anything beyond name, e mail ans UK location together with service! Not bad persec!

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