New website for squaddies needs reviewing

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by grandadevans, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have created a website ( for all UK armed forces who are on tour/posted overseas. At the moment it includes links to BFPO friendly companies, details of the EHIC and becoming a service voter but what I now need is feedback from users letting me know what they think the site could do with, such as:
    What users overseas would like to know
    Information that overseas users should know
    Any other information that you think would go well on the site.

    There is a prominent link to the feedback page on the home page and also on the menu on the left hand side.

    Thanks in advance,
    John Evans,
  2. Whilst I have no doubt this may prove useful, why are you spamming so many threads with the same post! Do you have permission from MODs to do so?
  3. Thanks for your reply but I have only posted the message on three boards, Current Affairs, Multinational HQ and Outside the wire.
    I posted it to all three as I though it would be relevant to all three, I appologies if I have offended anybody, I have deleted the message from the Outside the wire thread, but I cannot delete it from this thread as there is a reply and the Current Affairs thread is the main thread that I believe this message is relevant to.

    With reagrds to the issue of permission from the MOD to go ahead with my site. There is no permission needed as all of the information currently on the site is available from various public domain sources, any information that is sensitive is behind password protected pages such as the vacancies page which will remain so for the time being as there is out of date and non-authorises information on there for the relevant people to view so that they may decide whether it is likely to contravene any current legislation.

    If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact me again,
    John Evans,
  4. daz

    daz LE


    Mod, as in moderator rather than the ministry of Defense.

    It's SOP for people to ask the Mod's for permission before posting links to "commercial" sites.

  5. My appologies. It is not very often I post a message and was not aware of that.
    In that case the answer to the question is no, I do not have permission from the moderators.
  6. Then perhaps you should seek it...
  7. I've already emailed one and about to email another
  8. Have to say that being brutally honest the site is more 13-14 year old html homework than a commercial sticky portal. Anyway you really should of got permission of the mod's before you posted a commerical advert on a free forum. Thats bang out of order. Looked at the site and all the affiliate ads and pop thru's and I imagine your business model is to get click thru's as your income generator. You really should not have undermined the commericial companies who pay arrse for online advertising. You need a bit of a corporate logo and the graphic of the ship, airframe and tracked vehicle with a dodgy font is simply awful. Go and spend £300stg and get a corporate logo drawn up. And never ever use a portal like Arrse for a quick, cheap and under the radar way of self promotion. Pay like everybody else. These forums are built on integrity, trust and decency. That is how business works on the outside. Consider yourself ticked off and subject closed.