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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. (2007 remix)

    1. I heard nothing about it before launch. But the Army meejah bods like to do things in total secrecy. Their do-or-die motto: "Consult no one". Thanks, then, to Purple_Emperor for drawing it to my attention.

    2. The new Army - Regular and Territorial brand: interesting. Where is my t-shirt?

    3. I took the Pathfinder test, and it produced a reasonably sensible (although horoscope-ish) result. Inputting that plus my edumicational level and "part-time" into Job Finder gave me 66 options to choose from! Not very useful. RAC Crewman was 16th (but that's because RAC Crewman is the last in the list of Combat jobs, buried in page 2 of the list, and uses "RAC", which is jargon, instead of "Tank", which most newbies will understand).

    4. Love the prominence of the TA aspect of the officer's video (the one about the terror football). The "speaking to camera" intimacy of all the videos works well, and the people talking seem very normal - they must have worked hard to find them.

    5. Age ranges in the job profiles are incorrect - still showing max enlistment age as 33.

    6. The TA is integrated throughout. This does make TA-specific info a wee bit harder to find.

    7. I'd be interested to know how the application process works - how do we get to hear from the applicant, what the applicant hears about us, etc. Might need to get some minions to submit fake applications just to experience the process.

    8. Old TA logos still on website. TA main page on that site ( is still pants.

    9. Clicking on the "Find my local unit" link at the bottom of that page now takes you to the revamped Armyjobs one - a bit frustrating if you already know you want to join and just want to find out where your nearest unit is. The "TA Near You" function from the old Armyjobs website ( has been removed.

    10. It's now impossible to find out where your nearest TA units are without handing over personal info. In fact, the "territoriality" of the whole marketing offer has completely disappeared (at the entry point, anyway). You submit your details to the Borg (not the 9/12L) and wait to hear.
  2. This was due to start the topic but you tell Dr Evil something and he gets online before you! Damn him and his speedy evil typing skills!

    "Someone please tell me that it's me that is a mong and not the army website team!

    Following the excellent recent success of our website in bringing in recruits I was quite impressed to see that a new army jobs website with its 'One Army, Regular and Territorial' tagline had been produced. So I thought, lets see how user friendly it is for someone who is wondering what to do with their weekends and needs to find something exciting in around 3 clicks before they get bored and google 'Sunday football league' instead.

    Could I find any info at all?, could I …. It has turned from being a not very exciting, but at least useful site to be being a massively over engineered, difficult to navigate site with hardly any details on the TA at all. Certainly no kind of 'TA near you' showing where your local unit is, or pointing to actual examples of TA unit websites, in fact the result of the 'one army' basis of the website is that TA stuff gets buried in amongst the regular army talk making it extremely difficult for a potential recruit to work out what they are getting themselves in for.

    In fact even if you do click through a load of choices which pigeonholes you into the choice of career you want - rather than telling you which is close to you - and eventually come up with a job spec, it is written entirely from a reg point of view (e.g. 26 weeks training - guaranteed to put off the average TA recruit) with the only TA mention being off at the far right hand of the screen saying 'For more information on the Territorial Role please call 08457 300 111.'

    For every one step we take forward….

    If anyone has been involved in this project, please feel free to come on here and justify the direction you’ve taken. I'd be delighted to hear what you thought you were doing!"
  3. MMM, just tried the career thingy and it suggested that I join the paras!!

    A. It ignored the fact that I am overrage

    B. Those that know me will probably have fallen off their chairs laughing by now!! (At the thought of me on P Coy)

    Same as yourself Dr. E, RAC Crewman tucked away on the second page there...
  4. Fast typer? Moi?

    I dictate.

    Fembots transcribe. This business use makes them tax-deductible.
  5. Twaddle
  6. I'm supposed to be an infantry soldier, or failing that a Para, according to my Army horoscope.


    And, no, LARD - fembots are tax-deductible, if you sell and lease-back through the Cayman Islands.
  7. and it is very clearly 'spare-time' not 'part-time'!
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Me too. However the monitor needed a wash anyway so it's all to the good.
  9. Ha, apparently I too should be a Para, or failing that a Gunner.This would be met with equal ridicule!

    I expect large funds were expended on some over priced consultants for that random job generator.
  10. It appears they ran out of steam on at least one of the career descriptions...

    Ca what exactly? :roll:
  11. msr

    msr LE

  12. Aye, my first four (!) options were all "Infantry Soldier (Para)", then a host of RA Gunner jobs. Scrolling all the way though, the bottom recommendation was "Infantry Soldier (Guards)".

    Hilarious, however, changing the settings didn't change the job recommendations at all, even making myself a 33 year old female postgraduate still return Para (x4).....
  13. Good website, branding etc.

    I like the stock photos on the personality quiz:

    My ideas on the army come from:
    a) man in turban ('community leader'?)
    b)The Scum

    I live in:
    a) a georgian townhouse
    b) a high rise...

    perhaps it's also a surreptitious market research survey?
    Slightly like taking one of those Scientologist 'stress tests', but v professional-looking & good branding for the TA
  14. I've just tried it too....and it reccommended the Paras to me...

    You think the website may be slightly broken? Or are they desperately short of Paras?
  15. MMM I'm off to the H/Cav again according to that....age limit pahhh