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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. I doubt it.

    'They' have always been very good at justifying their need for different kit from the Green Army, and this is probably no exception.

    Plus "the barrel is 9 inches long" doesn't sound like a recipe for long range accurate fire - one of the reasons the minimi quickly fell out of favour in Afghanistan, and why we bought a load of L129 in 7.62x51.
  2. I think coops was suggesting the 'regular' not 'diet' HK416 with 16" or 20" barrel. Which I also doubt, as the Sa80A2 in current form is perfectly good for what we need without messing about wasting billions on more small arms when we really need other things, like a decent replacement for CVR(T) or, you know actual WEAPONS to fit to our could-be-amazingly capable Type 45's.
  3. Prizes for first post of this on the ally thread?
  4. [​IMG]

    Imagine the tongue of fire firing that on auto at night.

    What would the accuracy and performance at range of the full-sized 416 be like compared to the L85?
  5. Who cares its as ally as fook
  6. I wouldn't mind having a go on one
  7. I hoped to see some lady ally on that thread.
  8. Looks like a step up from the MP5 - though I too wonder about the muzzle blast.
  9. HK-53? Like used by THEM and CP?
  10. "Designed for" may not actually mean that it IS actually being used by them really does it, absolutely anyone on the planet can design a weapon for them, it don't mean they are going to buy it and use it.

    I "may" have fired one of those weapons in the link many months ago and "may" not have been overly impressed...

    It will not be a replacement for the L85.
  11. I can't see it replacing the L85 anytime soon. We're skint, and can't afford tanks, planes or ships. Hardly time to replace the main battle rifle. Nice weapon though. I had a crack on the full sized 416 in the states three years back and it offers nothing more than the C8 apart from a few inches shorter IMO.
  12. I saw this on a tv show, 'future weapons' or some such, presented by some Jonny with a wierd surname- ex Navy Seal. He seemed pretty impressed with it.
  13. I saw that. I think he seemed to be mire impressed with the fact that you can bury it in sand and water and keep on firing. I remember thinking at the time "maintain your weapon you cock and you won't need that"

    I had a pop with the Magpul Masada at the time (now the bushmaster something or other) proper nice weapon. Ambidex safety/fire selector, mag release and cocking handle. Simple as fcuk to clean and operate. Didnt get chance to do the barrel change to different calibres and I couldn't get near the FN Scar.