New Weapon System seems ok to me

Discussion in 'ACF' started by essexbob, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello

    Had first shots with the new GP last saturday, seems good to me.

    We had 1500 rounds on the range, only one obstruction Groupings seemed to improve vastly I expect due to not having to recock constantly

    All round good improvement
  2. Not in the ACF (used to be many many years ago as a cadet) isnt it a hell of a lot safer to as you can fit a BFA to them I remember raming mud and stones into the muzzels of .303's and cadet gp's so people new when the were "hit"
  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who did that.

  4. Blanks for .303 ? Didnt realise they had ever been available to the cadets
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oh yes at least in 1976
  6. Must have made a hell of a bang ! I remember shooting the .303 in the '80's, excellent rifle for a cadet.
  7. Wouldn't suit anymore, half the kids (especially younger half) can't hold the L98 without putting the muzzle in the dirt!

    I think when I was a cadet, we used the No8 until we were man enough to fire the L98, but nowadays everyone seems to be put straight onto the L98.
  8. Do cadet's have weapons systems? Surely it's a rifle.
  9. Oh yeah, there was lots of .303 for cadets when I were one. And it made the sound of Thor's own bloody hammer hitting Everest when it went bang as well.

    Lovely noise.

  10. Have any .22 adaptors been made available for them yet?
  11. Any chance of a photo of it then? Is it still an SA80 look-alike?
  12. Yes it, L98 A?, looks the same as the L85A2 less the change lever.
  13. Its Exactly the same, except no select lever. The TMH is blanked off, so it cannot be modified to go rock and roll. And the TMH and body have a new slot and fitting piece so a L85 TMH cannot be fitted.
    Except that, its the same.
  14. There we go.
  15. I was gonna make a stupid statement (not for the first time) then noticed the 'DP' stencilled on it....but why no foresight?