New Weapon Fires Round Corners

The Boxheads had an MP 44 that did that.

Think they also had a schmeiser variant that did the same.

Although the Barrel does look as if 'Shotgun' has been working on it with his 'Armourers hammer' :D
Seem to remember this from my old WWII comics, wasn't it called a krummlauf or something?
Didn't work very well in the 40's anyway. Would think torque produced by the rifling would lead to all sorts of interesting groupings.
It's a funny looking thing, is that actually a second weapon in the flexible bit? Can you fire them simultaneously? And surely the crossways recoil will be progressively worse the further around the corner it points?


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"The weapons system, which costs between $3,000 and $5,000, was officially unveiled at a firing range near Tel Aviv.

The camera attached to the gun barrel can focus on targets up to 400 metres away and can be used with any military pistol. "

400 metres ! Marvellous ! Indirect fire with a nine milly ! 8O
I'd like to meet the man that can hit anything at 400m with a nine mil.

Then when Ive met him I'd like top meet the man that was hit just to see if he stopped laughing yet
at 400m all it would do would keep their heads down,
i could stick my wrist round the corner and not aim and have the same effect!!
arkanstigger wrote:
Hope the Spams don't buy it, they'll have another 180 degrees to spread the friendly fire about in.
Very very funny bastard!

Hope we don't but it either!! hard enough to teach the sprogs to shoot straight with a barrel that only goes in one direction!!!

Can you imagine the new pam 21......"Facing across the range with you weapon pointing at the man next to you, ensure your barrel is pointing down the range - with a magazine of 10 rds load!!!!

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