New ways to pass a course???

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bite_me957, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Well, It has come to my attention that my errant spouse (an instructor) has porked one of his munter students, just wondered if this was a new method of instruction recognised by the Army? Any thoughts on this? And before the influx of congratulatory comments aimed towards him, she's a pig in knickers (clearly not always in them, but i'm sure she remembers which floor she's left them on......) and he's about to be done like a kipper.... I ALMOST feel sorry for them.... (Ahem....)

    Mind you, if this method worked i'd probably wed to a Brigadier by now.... :threaten:
  2. You’re not the first wife this happened too, and you certainly wont be the last.
    Sympathy, its in the dictionary somewhere.

  3. No, but it is a recognised male method of getting what the sour-faced, money grabbing moose of a wife isn't offering. Good on him I say. You're probably a gopping hound.
  4. Not a new method of instruction in the Army though it is recognised in the Navy (speak to someone who has been on the AACC).

    If he's working at an ATRA he is bound to get Fcuked over by the system as well as having to face your wrath....
  5. Badger_Heed- LMFAO :D
  6. No it isn't.

    Have a read of this:
  7. I don't suppose you have any photographic evidence of the said deed? Failing that did your husband describe to you in detail what he did to her?
    Did he make her cum?
    Was there any "back door" action?
    Did he eat her like a ripe peach?

    I look forward to your answers.
    Thank you.
  8. don't we all :lol:

    from the ATRA code:

    Sounds like he's doing his job by the book, deserves promoting and/or a medal... :twisted:

  9. There would be a first time for everything, i suppose..... 8O
  10. Again, first time for everything, i suppose....
  11. Not his fault if youre a frigid old sock draw. Maybe thats why he shot his spluff in something younger?

  12. had me in stitches, nice one... to the point and most importantly, fair.
  13. Doesn't mean he's shit, it just means he wasn't really that bothered about making YOU cum.

    Can you scoff your own bodyweight in cakes by any chance?
  14. Is he a Chef/FD type? Curious as to the references to food. If so could he advise this person?
  15. no chef not even atra