New Way To Make Millions - Greed Knows No Bounds

Just when you though the forces of good were winning with the development of devices to skip through advertising on TV shows.. to block Pop-up and other other web intrusions and spam filters and all that stuff.. the nasty warped muthus at the Ad and Sales Club have come up with a new tactic.. pure greed..

Never mind ' product placement' cluttering up TV and movies.. no.. this time they've gone for the throat..

Oh, sure.. you thought it was bad [ yet sadly necessary ] when ARRSE succumbed and little underlines on certain words take you to fine print pitches for products and services.. but this.. this.. is worse.

They've invaded the Blogosphere!!

Yep!.. Companies are paying Web writers to insert ' testimonials ' in their blog postings..$ 800 US a month!!..[ ooh,, cool ]..

Well fans, me and missus were just venturing out in our Ford Sebring [ red with matching Corinthian leather seats ] and the kids had turned on Shrek 2 on the fold down DVD player when I spotted this fantastic Speedomatic Sofabed in the window of Costco..etc. etc..

is nothing sacred ?

where is integrity?..

where is truth and justice and freedom from the press??

damn... $ 800 ...whooo ...
But honestly, bloggers ... who reads that self-indulgent incestuous load of old toot ? Are they really so naive that they think any normal person gives the slightest crap what they think ? They could all get eaten by a giant space armadillo tomorrow and no-one would ever know. Or care.