New watch?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cumbrian_warrior, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Right I'm after buying a new watch. Something I can wear in the field And can take a good battering.
    Also needs to be able to take a good blast of sand in afghan.

    Any ideas people?
  2. Any of the Citizen Eco-drives divers watches.
    I've had 2 in the last 4 years, I only replaced the first cos I found a new one I liked.
    They are sturdy, chunky, look good and best of all show you what time it is when you look at it. What more could you ask for in a watch.
    I've had mine working in the desert and its been fine.
  3. Loads. Enough to have already filled several threads on this very subject.

    Try this.
  4. Suunto Vector.
  5. Agree with all the above I ve had about 5 over 15 years......all 5 are in good working order even though they ve been used on many shitty construction jobs in the desert, tropical and underwater work.

    Dont buy them in the UK if you pass through Dubai or Abu Dhabs you can get them alot cheaper.
  6. What he said. The Titanium Aviator is light and strong. Had mine for over ten years in conditions from jungle to desert and apart from a few dings and scratches, still works fine.
  7. Ooooo, another thread for the "mine is bigger/better/expensiver than yours" crowd.

    I can't wait.
  8. Watch envy is a terrible thing.
  9. Hey Cocknosh! just because you got ripped off by buying your £3 watch in a service station.....don't get all girly here you cheapskate!!
  10. Marathon G-SAR.

  11. What about signing for a G10 from the CQMS? It won't cost you a cent, unless you lose it of course.
  12. Hey, that £3 watch lasted me a year and I didn't miss a single meeting!

    I got 100, cost me £250 with discount, so I'm still better off than with a £££££££ Bolex. ;-)
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  13. Sunnito or Altiwear or similar as long as it has a screw gate for adding batteries yourself.

    G-shocks are good for the money but fairly disposable as they eat batteries and dont re-seal well even if you send it back to the manufacturer for a battery.

    Don't be silly and buy a Tag-Heuer. Ever. No matter how well engineered they claim to be they remain ugly tasteless nuevo riche rich tat for wideboys and chavs with more money than sense.

  14. So get a solar powered atomic sync one, like the GW7900-B.
    Tells you the time on Mars and all sorts.