New Warts & All Book from Ex-Forces Soldier

Hi all at ARRSE
My name is Tom Mcgreevy, and I am ex-British Forces(Army) of 14 years.
I retired early due to Prostate Cancer, and have now returned to my passion for writing ( Modern Military Poetry, Warts & All , and I tell it like it was/is ! ). My latest book is available from:
In 84 page paperback for £5-99p + Postage, or ebook download for only £2-99p ( No waiting & no postage cost )
or visit my websites for more details on me and my books:
or my main website:
My latest book is called:

Amongst other, this book contains Poems from The Falklands, Belize Jungle, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.
best to you all, and if you pop into my sites, do say hello on my own Nabble forums.
Tom Mcgreevy ( Berkshire, England, UK )
Might I suggest a title?

Walts and all. :wink:
Good for you Tom.
I only ever with dabbled with military poetry just the once,and that would of been stuck in cut off in a ditch in South Armagh many years ago (how very proffesional). Suffice to say,my poems were pish.


Book Reviewer
I may stick it on my reading list. Good luck with your illness.
Thanks for Title Suggestion ' Original Snowy '
I'm forever in your Det !

This book ' Poems for Paula ' I wrote and published last June 2008 ( I wrote this for my lovely wife Paula, when I thought I wasn't going to make it through my Cancer... Paula had already lost her previous husband to Cancer, and I wanted something to leave behind for her ! )
A lot of Military stuff is in this book.
Available as 94 page paperback, or ebook download, from:
tompoet said:
Thanks for Title Suggestion ' Original Snowy '
I'm forever in your Det !

TM & (C) OriginalSnowy 2009 :p
Hi fellow ARRSE's..... ( Sorry... I'm a little behind 2day ! )
Have a look on one of my website for more info:
( Have speakers turned on to auto hear ' Harvey Andrews ' singing
' Soldier )( ' Brill ! )
Tom Mcgreevy
( May the Forces be with you ! )
I am also Head Moderator for ' FORCES POETRY ', a brill site to visit !



Warts and all.. because all the other novels kept away from the realism.... *snore* *snore*


tompoet said:

Not another Novel !
Modern Military Poetry !
( Ex Royal Corp of Signals ) April 1972-June 1984.
1972 to 1984? so whay have you got a pic of a young bloke in modern dessert kit on the front cover? Trying to cash in on the current ops or what?
Sorry Mate... not trying to cash in on Modern Military. My poems reflect Past conflicts ( of Modern times as oppossed to The Great Wars !
The chap on the cover is a good friend of mine ( Alex Roissetter age 22 ) who has just served a tour in Iraq. And allowed me to use his Photo !
I also sometimes write from ' Other peoples shoes ', and do have poems in the book about the current conflicts in Iraq and ' The Stan ' ( from tales related to me by my serving soldier friends.

I thought putting an old pic of me on the cover, from ' The Troubles ' in Northern Ireland or Belize, The Falklands, or Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, would make it out of touch with the youth of today, most of whom wouldn't be old enough to remember those conflicts.
I assure you, I'm not trying to ' Cash-in ', just trying to get a bit of history down in another form.
I actually work ( unpaid ) for a very worthwhile ' Non-Profit ' Organisation which was set up by ex-Forces like myself, to help other ex-Forces come to terms with their PTSD, through expressing themselves with poetry. And helping them to overcome their Demons.
( I am Head Moderator for: )
FLOW FOR ALL ( Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide for all )
( That Grand old Lady of WW11 ( The Forces Sweetheart ) Dame Vera Lynn DBE, is our Patron )
We published our own book for Forces Charities last November 2008, and have another 2 books coming out this November 2009:
' Voices of The Poppies ' ( Silverwood Books )

Hope this all clears up a few of your doubts, and feel free to pop into Forces Poetry sometime to see what we have to offer.
Best Regards & Respect
Tom Mcgreevy ( Berkshie, England )
tompoet said:
My name is Tom Mcgreevy, and I am ex-British Forces(Army) of 14 years.
tompoet said:
Tom ( Ex Royal Corp of Signals ) April 1972-June 1984.
Tom, hope the book etc does well for you. I hate being Mr Picky from Pickisville but you need to sort the sums out.

Quick edit to say that I had a quick look at one of the sites you moderate. Like this one:


Where have all the rabbits gone? Did I hear you say?

Where have all the rabbits gone? Have they gone away?

Have they gone to Scunthorpe or have they gone to Bole,

Or have they been on Night shift and are sleeping down their hole?

Have they gone holiday, sleeping in the sun?

Classy that one is.

Where have all the rabbits gone? Did I hear you say?

Where have all the rabbits gone? Have they gone away?

Have they gone to Scunthorpe or have they gone to Bole,

Or have they been on Night shift and are sleeping down their hole?

Have they gone holiday, sleeping in the sun?

Awesome! One to sing to the kids :twisted:
To Stormin Norman & Original Snowy !
I take it you like silly Poems:

Try this one I wrote about ' Belize ' ( From my book ' Poems for Paula ' )


A snake crawled in my sleeping bag,
I felt it on my leg.
I knew it was a female snake,
It said its name was “ Peg “

I held it in my hand,
Its weight was next to ‘nowt.
I didn’t want it in here,
So then I threw it out.

But then I felt quite guilty,
The snake could do no harm.
In fact it felt quite cosy,
So slippery and warm.

The snake came back and slipped inside,
As I yanked up the zipper,
I cut the poor beast in half,
I felt like “ Jack The Ripper “

Now I’ve got two snakes in my bag,
A tail and one long head.
All three of us together,
To share my shrinking bed.

Now they’re moving up and down,
I hope they haven’t mated,
I suddenly got hungry,
So then I ate it !
Last one... I promise ! Anybody who cries is a cissy !
( From my book ' Poems for Paula ' )


I came and watched my Funeral
The strangest thing to do
With lots of friends and family
Sitting in The Pews

I looked down on my coffin
An empty shell within
A temporary vessel
To keep my spirit in

The casket lost my interest
It’s purpose fully served
A symbol now for Mourners
Much more than I deserved

My Wife, my Son, my Step-sons
Sitting all together
Crying at my passing
They thought I’d live forever

I stand behind my Wife
My love for her still smoulders
I kiss her on the lips
And hold her crumbling shoulders

Her crying halts, her breath is held
A tingling on her lips ?
She puts her hand up to her face
With trembling fingertips

The moment it soon passes
Her shoulders turn back slack
Just a breeze, blowing through the Church
She knows I won’t be back

I want to tell you “ I’m ok,
I’m with you in your grieving.
I haven’t got much longer,
For soon I will be leaving “

But now we live on different plains
Mine Spirit, yours on Earth
Not able to communicate
Just like we were at birth

My Mother comes from out the mist
“ Come Son, we must go,
Just walk into The Light,
And join us in The Glow “

“ My Earthly heart still loves you ! “
I try to tell my Wife
It falls on silent eardrums
I’m not now part of life

The Light is like a magnet
Still pulling me away
I let her go, remove my arms
It’s then she starts to sway

My energy has drained her
She faints onto the floor
“ Good-bye my Wife, I love you “
She answers “ Love you more ! “

For one brief moment, we were one
Our frequency’s combined
She’s coming round now, getting up
Our Souls no longer blind

Although her tears still flow
She has this knowing smile
She now knows I’m ok
Across those endless miles

So now I go, with happy heart
No longer need to stay
She knows she’ll join me one day
She knows that I’m ok

She leaves the Church still smiling
A friend says “ You must miss him ? “
A secret knowledge in her eyes
She knew who she’d been kissing
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
how is a book of poems "warts and all"? :?
I went to see the Doctor,
And to him I says "Doc",
"I've got a nasty, stinging rash,"
"And warts upon my c0ck!"

He looks me in the eye,
whilst swabbing down my balls,
Says "Son I've got to scrape it off,"
"Rash, warts and all!"
Warts From Paula.

My knob had weeping pustules,
I told you "I'm a goner, Dear"
But you said don't worry Darling,
I just gave you gonorrhoea
Point taken Lads !
But on a serious note... Here are the first 2 Military Poetry from: ' I'm a Soldier...get me out of here ! '


Don’t let me die like this
Don’t let me die alone
Bleeding out and paralysed
A thousand mile from home

A mercenary I’d become
An answer to an ‘ Ad ‘
Missing military life
A ‘ Civvy ‘ going mad

No jobs for former soldiers
With killing as their trade
The tools of their employment
The rifle and the blade

So eagerly I ‘ snapped it up ‘
A dangerous job abroad
‘ Adrenalin ‘ kicking right back in
Ignore the things I’d heard

I’d thought that I was ‘ bullet proof ‘
‘ Not me mate, I’m to fast ‘
I only lasted two short weeks
Those words could be my last

I lie here bleeding in the dust
My body feels no pain
My eyes the only thing to move
No signals to my brain

My neck is broke, I know that now
The shrapnel tore right through it
The mine exploding near me
‘Twas then I knew I’d ‘ Blew it ‘

My comrades fighting as they ran
They left me there for dead
Alone upon the battlefield
A crater for my bed

I ‘ think ‘ a silent prayer inside
My lips refuse to speak
I need someone to hold my hand
My future’s looking bleak

Someone notice, someone look
I’m not a piece of meat
Just say a kindly word to me
My Maker then I’ll meet

A bird lands on my shattered limb
It’s pecking at my leg
Through torn and blood-soaked combats
It’s then I ‘ think ‘ to beg

I’m forced to watch this gruesome feast
I cannot close my eyes
My eyelids they have burnt away
I stare toward the skies

‘ God help me now ‘ I ‘ think ‘ inside
Although I don’t believe
It’s funny how you turn to God
Religion you retrieve

My silent prayer is answered
My mind is fading fast
A soldier on the stage of life
Departing from the cast

My life it ‘ whirls ‘ before me
I don’t have no regrets
My end comes as a soldier
Back here amongst ‘ The Vets ! ‘



‘ Big bird, big bird, hot zone ‘
I scream into the mike
Can’t let the chopper land here
And let the enemy strike

Not fair to put their lives at risk
It’s bad enough our own
Fifteen British soldiers
Ambushed and alone

‘ Helmand Province ‘ we were told
Was quiet this dark night
‘ Patrol the eastern valley,
Till early morning light ‘

Then came the first explosion
‘ Big Jimmy ‘ taken out
Walking proud one minute
He was our best lead scout

‘ Zero, this is Bravo-three,
Contact, hit, wait out ‘
I scream into my radio
So much noise I shout

‘ Gormless Eddie ‘ next man down
Hit by one stray round
Though heavily outnumbered
He stood and fought his ground

‘ Medic, Medic ‘ came the shout
A screaming comrade dying
A medic crying for himself
He died by me whilst trying

We were going down like flies
An ambush perfect set
Caught out in the open
No cover we could get

‘ Chippy, Chalky, Half-pint ‘
They went down one by one
By then I’d just stopped counting
My mind switched off and gone

This was my nineteenth birthday
My last year as a teen
A battle hardened soldier
Such horrors I have seen

To watch your best friends blown apart
Their blood, and limbs, and bone
The nightmares of the battlefield
I just want to go home

Nine young soldiers lost that night
Though some of us survived
Four were badly wounded
But six of us alive

And in the next day’s papers
Small paragraph’s re-formed
‘ Nine brave soldiers lost their lives,
Next-of-kin informed ! ‘

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