New Warthogs in Paper today?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by whatnow?, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. In an article i read today was a quote which confused and worried me

    An MoD spokeswoman said last night: ‘The first troops to use Wart*hogs on operations have completed training. Hull shape is irrelevant as it has passed rigorous trials proving its ability to operate in demanding terrain and protect against threats in Afghanistan. The first Warthogs will be deployed in the next few months.’

    Read more: ¿Urgent¿ new troop carriers get to war zone 6 months late | Mail Online

    I am very aware of the public nature of this website so wont make comments about what i have seen first hand in Shitsville , however im fairly sure that hull shape does have a dramtic effect against threats hence MRAPS are V shaped hulls for a reason ?

    Am i wrong ??? i dont want to know specifics about warthog for op sec reasons ( i will see them soon enough im sure) but tell me the hull comment is wrong and im at least slightly right!

    cheers Whatnow?
  2. Right and wrong.

    Hull shaping is but one method of achieving mine protection. Look up vehicles like the Israeli Namer Heavy APV and Merkava variants - not a 'v' in sight, and yet serious levels of underbody survivability.
  3. Not taking anything away from the article, but I was expecting something about a new design on the A-10!