New warship is quantum leap forward for the Navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. New warship is 'quantum leap forward' for the Navy
    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    (Filed: 02/02/2006)

    The most powerful frontline warship since the Second World War was launched by the Countess of Wessex yesterday, marking a resurgence of British naval ship building.

    The first Type 45 destroyer is launched yesterday
    The first of Britain's new Type 45 destroyers took to the waters of the Clyde as the world's most advanced air defence ship.

    Daring will be able to track and destroy a target the size of a cricket ball travelling at more than three times the speed of sound, a "quantum leap forward in the Navy's capabilities", according the Royal Navy.

    The boat's defensive system, combining a hugely powerful radar and missile system, has left American visitors to the yard "shaken and shocked", according to BAE Systems, its builders.

    The destroyer's launch was watched by a crowd of 11,000 and hundreds of Daring's Glaswegian shipbuilders.

    In the next 10 years, as many as eight T45s could be built at a cost of £650 million each. Also to be commissioned are two large aircraft carriers (£3.5 billion), four Astute class hunter killer submarines (£3 billion) and a fleet of up to 14 auxiliary ships (£3.5 billion).

    Daring will be fitted with its radar and missile systems before its sea trials in early 2007. Its Samson radar, from its current location in Portsmouth, can monitor all take offs and landings from every major European airport.
  2. Not as shaken and shocked as the initial joiners will be, if my past experience of BAE/Yarrows workmanship is anything to go by...
  3. Would have thought the Vanguard class Trident boats were just a tadette more powerful than a T45.
  4. Sounds like the England Cricket team could trial it in India shortly as Ashley Giles gets tw*ted for another 6!!
  5. .........and the Band of HM Royal Marines played 'Believe It If You Like'

    I note the qualifiers 'as many as' and 'up to'. Up to 14 Auxiliaries?! Shock! I'm yet to be convinced that the 'large' aircraft carriers will ever enter service. Within ten years is fanciful though I suspect the journo doesn't understand the difference between 'built' and 'commissioned'.

    Daring hasn't got its weapons fit yet nor can it move under its own power so how 'powerful'? At the moment it is a very expensive barge. I will refer to it as 'she' when it is completed and in commission.
  6. As a non-seaman (a quiet punt on a canal is quite fine though), can I ask (out of ignorance of Naval matters):

    1. Is it compartmentalised unlike the assault ships which of course will only go to unopposed areas, so perhaps ought to be called ferries?
    2. This radar thingymajig. Are there going to be any spares? From how far away can a plane or boat launch a missile at it, further than Heathrow, Gatwick and of course Stanstead? In layman's terms, surely the limiting factor on a radar (apart from a lack of watts) is the horizon/curveature of the earth, so getting one to see a long way is a matter of how far above the ground/sea they are.
    3. These missile things. Do they actually work? if so why do air defence ships still get photographed with GPMGs bungeed to railings (or are these old 'stock' shots)?
    4. Any defence against submarines?
    5. Aren't air defence boats 'good' at stopping things aimed at them rather than at some other ship nearby? Or have we taken the next step?
    6. What is their role/utility? To sit next to carriers and smite offending things from the sky?

    I actually don't know, but am curious. Thanks in advance for any assistance in furthering my clearly appalling education.

  7. Has it got Wheels or Tracks??...How is it gonna sail in the Sandpit or the Mountains of Afghanifuckedupstan.

    Maybe 2000 Camels would have been a better Investment
  8. I think its because it can fire on several different targets all at the same time, and I think its going to have lots of missiles that travel 2000 miles inland or so some navy fan told me.
  9. I thought the H&S Bde were going for smoke-free work environments?
  10. 2000 miles inland? We fcuking wish. Hopefully, they'll decide at some stage to install a TLAM capability. The first of class always has problems and is usually quite different as it progresses along. The Sampson radar and Aster missile system, if they work to their fullest ability, will be an outstanding piece of kit.
    Lima, there is more to the RN than deep water ops. We're contributing to several vital things in MND(SE)'s AOR for instance. No need to be landcentric in order to have an effect in Tony's quest to appease his puppetmaster dubya. The RN has never been as busy as now and I cannot honestly seeing the tempo letting up. These ships are desperately needed. The 12 we originally wanted would be better than the 8 we're getting. With all the current ops that the RN are involved in, a minimum of 30 frigates/destroyers is needed in order to keep up the tempo. But we don't have that amount....
  11. Point taken Matelot...Wasn´t meant as a Dig at the Navy...more a Tongue in Cheek comment..
  12. Hah the lieing git I thought 2000 was a bit far fetched, 1 up for my personal war.
  13. Just because I am in the navy doesn't mean I want your tongue anywhere near my cheeks!
  14. It would appear that the New type 45 Destroyers are going to be more of a liability than an asset, yes they have chargers for the sailors i pods but the armament is some thing else. It would appear that the Government is buying all the equipment for this form European contractors which will cost twice as much for fewer systems. It would appear that we are spending a billion on a French missile system when a better one could have purchased from the states for £350 million. The Anti Aircraft missiles will also be French and it is reckoned that it is costing the British Tax Payer an extra 2 Billion pounds to to support the French Defence industries. Now our leaders have kept that very quite
  15. Whats wrong with the boats we currently got?

    /not a navy person.