New Warrior turret or export version

Going up the M6 near Lancaster yesterday I saw a civvy low loader with a Warrior on the back. The Warrior had LP (SP) plates on and a new turret (the chassis was unchanged as far as I could tell).
Half the turret was under a tarp, but the gun was not Rarden, but one of a similar caliber with a large muzzle brake on the end. Is this experimental (I presume it was off to Warcop for some live firing), or the upgrade to the current model some have been suggesting for a while now or simply a new export version under development?
There are currently three tenders for the turret conversion to bring the vehicle up to date. Probably one of those you saw. IIRC the MoD announced some thing about it this time last year.

About time the turret was brought up to date. I think the decision about the winning tender is due to be made in the next couple of months.
Wasn't there talk off putting a Bushmaster cannon on the Warrior?
There was talk of putting the crapmaster cannon in but i think it got binned.

I did have a link for a video clip on the tenders but the site is no longer available.

Of the three options I can remember two new turrets and one original being heavily modified.

Two with 30mm cannons and one 40mm with a new shortend round. One system looked very gucci with the ammo bin at the rear, the rounds are fed through to the gun without the need for the crew to do anything.

Lets hop they leave space for the crew and a coffee cup after they've fitted BOWMAN!!!! :lol:
Yeah. The rear of the turret was covered by a tarp, but it did look a very different shape to the current version.
That looks like the very thing I saw.
[video width=250 height=200][/video]

One of the other ones - with 30mm Bushmaster.
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winnfield said:
A little concerned that they went with the 40mm cannon. The ammunition is very unique.
The French are looking at the CTA gun to replace the 25mm they have on their new VBCI APC's, I'd lay money on it, this gun will be more widely used.

I think the CTA 40mm cannon had been selected for the Warrior turret upgrade and for the FRES Recce version over the others such as Bushmaster but the design of the turret was still in competition with both manned and unmanned versions in the running
Not really what it's about, but given the right mounting as sighting system probably useful against creepers!

not really got the legs for anything much faster.. but you never know...
Anything is clearly an upgrade over the RARDEN and Chaingun.

Edit: Although I'm slightly annoyed that in a few years the crafty armourers going through the factory will not be subjected to the horror of those two. :D

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