New War Pension Rates 2013

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by davewhit, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. The men in posh suits we paid for are making nice moises towards the military today!!!!

    More spending, war pensions raised, new equipment on the horizon!!!!!!

    That means either an election is looming and they don't like the cut of the public's jib, or that they have another ******* pointless war lined up, I like it not!
  2. Nothing about the actual rate or who gets how much but why do they insist on the class warfare style of notation?

    Is there some reason why we plebs get a weekly amount or is it just that officers would struggle with the concept of multiplication?

    Just seems slighty anachronistic some how.

  3. some of the regulations on how its worked out has not changed since 1917 its not that long ago the allowance for wife on unemply supp which allowed her to work gave her the right to earn so many shillings a week ...... its now £71 a week but they took there time changing that one
  4. I believe it's because officers would view the weekly rate as only sufficient for a light lunch in London, and by displaying their entitlement as an annual rate sufficient for a decent fortnight's holiday the Govt is mitigating any possible discontent.
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  5. This is more about the fact that war pensions will not rise as much as other pensions. Inflation at 2.2% will be given an uplift to 2.5% for state and public pensions (including the mil pension) but will not be applied to the war pension which will be pegged to the lower limit.
  6. where did you read about 2.5% for mil pension?
  7. It's probably more to do with the introduction of PIP that any potential disparity in pensions. War Pensioners will be subject to re-assessment by ATOS Health Care Professionals under the new system as, unlike AFCS, War Pensions are managed by the DWP.
  8. I take it you mean WP getting DLA will need re-assessment by ATOS ?
  9. WP in receipt of DLA will be reassessed when PIP is introduced, but as WP are run by DWP any WP submitting a deterioration claim will also likely be reassessed by an ATOS HCP just as other DWP benefit claimants are.
  10. These days its MOD running them no longer dwp even the e mail address is now mod no longer

    SPVA was formed as an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence on the merger of the Armed Forces Personnel Administration
    Agency and the Veterans Agency on 1st April 2007. During 2010-11 SPVA operated from four main sites at Gosport, Glasgow, Innsworth
    and Norcross
  11. Cant complain ! the increase is better than knack all! Im sure there will be tears though when they start hauling every War Pensioner in for Re-assesment!

    Im Dreading the day TBH after all the shite ATOS put me through last time! grrr
  12. Where do you get the idea that all War Pensioners are going to be retested by atos ? the only ones I can see that will be seen are War Pensioners moving from DLA to PIP and the second draft of PIP regulations and the New document from the DWP of DLA to PIP myths says that not all people moving will need a face to face medical
  13. Thanks for that Davewhit!
    I just worry as it took about 16 years of fooking about with DLA etc. before Norcross said sod it, forget being asked to do a medical every 6 months(i'm not going to get better)! we will take it on and i am happy with what i get now! I'm just scared it will come a cropper at some point when they ask for a review in a money saving crusade!