New Virgin media mates rates package for broadband

As some of you know I work for Virgin they are currently doing this deal if anyone is interested let me know and I'll sign you up I dont get comission or anything. If your interested give me your name/address/contact tel no/emaily addy it's only available through VM staff refferals so no point in phoning up yourself for it.

deal below

So what’s the deal?
For just £23.99 a month plus a one-off connection and set-up fee of £35, your mates can enjoy everything that our Virgin Media National service offers, with the added bonus of saving a few quid! In fact compared to our standard customer prices your mates will save between £11 and £15 a month or £132 and £155 a year on their broadband package (depending on whether the offer is taken in a LLU or non LLU area).

Here’s exactly what your mates could get as part of this fab deal…

Broadband L (40GB usage limit)
The fastest broadband we can give you, up to 20Mb
Talk Unlimited
Talk International & Talk Mobile
Virgin Phone line rental (no need for a BT line)!
The package also comes with these great extras too:

A free wireless router for all new customers
Free PCguard Total security
10GB online storage to backup your stuff
50 free photo prints every month

And all for just £23.99 a month! But remember, this Mates Rates offer is available until 31 March 2010
ex_sigs said:
sounds good mate, I'm already a customer, do I qualify?

Also, what would the extra cost be to add XL TV package?


And have they sorted out the problem with PC Guard yet? ntl's NetGuard was good, but I had to remove PC Guard when it was forced on me because it prevented the computer from working. Also, is PC Guard a modded Kaspersky? Wondering, because I don't remember ever installing Kaspersky and I've got shreds of it all over the place.
putteesinmyhands said:
Also, is PC Guard a modded Kaspersky? Wondering, because I don't remember ever installing Kaspersky and I've got shreds of it all over the place.
It is.


ok sounds a good deal but im all ready with virgin and have 50mb broadband tv xl and phone and im paying 62 quid a month can this be done cheaper as im sure when i phoned up i was offered all this for 50 quid a month, when the bill came through and was at 62 quid i phoned virgin and they deny any converstaion taking place so im a bit miffed
Your company is getting hammered on this forum, if its as good as you say sort the guys problems and there you go perfect adverts are satisfied customers.
Bettarider do you know anything about how the retentions department works im looking to either get a better deal or go elsewhere if i cant get one. Or could the missus sign up as a new customer instead?
The offer
Get 3 of our very best services for half price, including V+ HD!

The Mates Rates bundle

Virgin TV

160 digital TV channels including Setanta and Music Video on Demand
V+ HD box
Plus, an additional set top box for another room
Virgin Broadband

Up to 20Mb fibre optic broadband
Free wireless router (new customers)
Backup and store precious files. Print 50 free photos a month.
Virgin Phone

Completely unlimited calls to UK landlines, 24/7.
Plus, Talk International and Talk Mobile for free.
All for just £33.50 a month (usually: £67) when taken with e-billing on a Direct Debit. If your mate wants one of our even bigger bundles, such as VIP, they can take it out at full price and get a £33.50 discount instead!

Get Mobile free for 6 months with Mates Rates in June!
Our friends and family deal just got better - Mates Rates customers can now get one free Mobile SIM Only Contract loaded with 100 any network minutes and 100 any network texts every month until January 2010!

From January onwards customers will receive the nearest equivalent tariff. This will include 200 on-net minutes as well as the 100 minutes and 100 texts for £8.50 a month. This is a SIM only offer so customers will be on a 30 day rolling contract.

Does your Mate want to keep their existing mobile number? No problem. Customers can port over their existing phone number for free onto this offer within 2 working days! Click here to go straight to the Mobile offer we're extending to Mates Rates customers throughout June.

Add Sky Sports and Movie channels

Add Sky Sports 1,2,3,4 and Extra for only £19
Add Sky Sports and Sky Movies for only £20 (by taking the discounted VIP pack)
Move fast - this offer is only available until 30 June. New customers or existing customers adding Phone that order by 31 May get a free installation too!

There are some additional ways you can free install, see below….we need to add this in or refer to it…

Free Installation - who gets it?
There's no install fee for new customers

There's no install fee for existing customers that are adding services that include a telephone

There's no install fee for existing customers that already have triple play with V+ box & additional set top box and are already on XL Plus or higher tier package

There's no install fee for existing customers that already have triple play with V+ box & additional set top box on a package lower than XL Plus, and are upgrading to XL Plus or higher tier package

Free install includes standard, priority or standard Quick Start install

When would we charge for installation?
There is a £30 install fee for existing customers that aren't adding a phone line, but are adding a service (broadband or TV)

There's a £30 install fee for existing triple play customers with a V+ box adding on the optional additional set top box (if they choose not to have an additional set top box then installation is free)

There's a £30 install fee for existing triple play customers adding a V+ box (whether or not they choose an additional set top box)

What about our existing customers?
Our existing customers can enjoy the fantastic Mates Rates monthly discount too, even if they are already on XL Plus or VIP. See above for installation charges
Is this going to stay at £33.50, or is it a short term offer that is going to creep up bit by bit as Sky (who I have just binned) have been doing for years?
i'm interested in this mate

im after it installed again in my room on camp

the ntl connection is still there and i have my old modem, when i plug it in now all the lights etc flash and it takes me to the VM login page

can i avoid the setup charge by doing it myself? (not hard to enter a user/pass)!!
Does this offer include £11.99 virgin phone line rental. How does it differ from offers on virgin media website example below, with sky sports package included. Please note the discounted first 2 months.

Build your own bundle
Special offer: Free installation
Size XL
Up to 20Mb fibre optic broadband

Size XL
Over 165 digital TV channels

Size XL
Unlimited anytime UK landline calls

Sky Sports Collection
Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3 & Sky Sports Xtra
What you pay
£23.51 for 2 months

then £66.51 a month*

12 month contract

*When you take a Virgin phone line for £11.99 a month

I am interested in getting best deal for lowest price when I move back to England in June.

pm me best deal you can offer.

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