new videos of stan.

My lad was there when that happened; he says it was the pharmacy building.

I've just posted it to him and he replied, "it was only a 500, mum". Looked pretty scary to me whatever it was.
Nah, I wouldn't expect that, not considering the circumstances they're under, especially in Sangin.

I truly hope there are no more fatalities and they come home quickly now.
I remember my mate, he'd been out in Sennybridge for 2 weeks. The first night home with the family mum invited gran around etc.

After he'd been away with the lads- mid way through the meal . . . . "Gran, pass me the f*ckin butter". Hehe

Mum was not amused. :(
When my lad was home on R&R recently, I took him to his grandparents (who live in Spain) for a rest. During the flight, I had to ask him to please not swear in front of them because my father, in particular, would go ballistic. At the same time, I apologised to my parents in advance if he inadvertently slipped up.

He behaved himself very well although we were only there for 4 days.

I can understand how difficult it must be because the swearing is virtually part of the military language.
Get some!!! Hope it sent a few to Allah..
There's a part Richard Holmes' "Dusty Warriors", and I wish I had it here so that I could quote it, where he describes two different types of languages that those in the forces use, when at work and when at home. He puts it really well.
I have noticed videos being posted of footage from jet fighters claiming to be in Afghanistan. However they have been taken from Nato's webpage from airstrikes during the Balkans conflict!
Excellent - from "20 seconds" it was nail biting stuff - quite professional in its build up and palpable relief. Well done all round!
Well done 16 AA TAC(P) , Nice one Barry ! Ruby your son gets around a bit , glad he is over his rescue .Best of luck to the lad.

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