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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by quickstop, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Complete with cheesy rock music. :roll:


    Why not post this in the Cadets forum? Only pre-pubescent boys are impressed by this shit these days.
  2. Always good to see my old Sqn performing. Hope they gave the cab a good hose down when they got back.

    Augustus, go back to whatever forum you normally post on.
  3. Has it ended before the good bit? :yawnstretch:
  4. I reckon that you had a wank over this, and now you are doing that bloke thing of trying to make out it didn't mean anything. Never fear, you'll need another peek tomorrow :)

    Incidentally..did you fail grading ?

  5. Oooo you're such a bitch :twisted:
  6. Did anyone actually enjoy it?
  7. I think someone in 659 has kicked the arse out of windows movie maker. The vid is boring and relevant to the guys who were there only. Most of us have been to Iraq now and on each tour there are some hair raising and unusual things going on. I too made a vid of my time in Iraq but it dosen't mean I advertise it on arrse and stick it out there for the world to see. 659 are a good sqn and some tit posting **** vids is doing it no favours.
  8. Awwwww, did you get edited out ? What a pointless post! The vid is doing no harm and the civvies will love it. Get a grip of yourself.
  9. Jesus - such hostility for making something for people to enjoy and be proud of.

    There are hundreds of vids out there so making one that the guys all liked and sharing it makes cock all difference.

    Some people need to really lighten up. Cheers for your support Pocoyo. I get the drift in this forum though.

    I'll leave everyone to antagonise each other from now on. Last video I post on Arrse.
  10. Call me cynical but what training benefit was that?

    You’re telling me they fly you out to sea, you jump off and then get picked up almost straight away by the waiting rib?

    Talk about a waste in fuel for the aircraft, you could have just bussed them out in the rib turfed them over the side and then let them float around until their fingers went cold????
  11. convoy drills for Ground Crew
    rebro setup for signals
    squadron team work
    mutual support for aircraft - IS Scenario
    wet drills / dry drills for all troops involved plus aircrew
    interaction with outside agencies to establish training benefits for SERE and CSAR trg.
    heli casting (not the preserve of SF)
    maritime navigation
    confidence for troops and aircrew
    unfamiliar environment

    Thank god people like you are not in charge. We' d all be doing ARPs on Salisbury plain to death. Start thinking outside the box for f*** sake. This isn't the Army of the 1980s.
  12. Bore off!
  13. Hey don't get me wrong I'm all for interesting training, god we need some.

    All I was saying was it seemed a point less exercise from the view of someone watching the video, the Helicast, great but again if you want a search and rescue senario why have the rescue boat following the helicopter they are supposed to have ditched in??? How about casting them in the drink and standing off to allow the SAR to do their stuff.

    A more realistic senario for the guys who may god forbid to have to ditch is to give them an insite to the sudden lonely ness of being on your own in a big wide ocean hoping that the CSAR can find you the needle in the hay stack, giving them some reasurance that they will be found.