New vests from the USA

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. So OK it is Fookin hot out there but which egg head thought that a 17 pound self cooling system for the Spam Infanteer was a/is a good idea?

    So thats 17 pounds on top of all the rest of the gear, so a foot slogger has to carry weapon, helmet,body armour,water and the rest ?
  2. To be honest mate nothing I hear about the Spams surprises me anymore... Only in America! :roll:

    Internal combustion engine on your back, not very quiet and quite a fire hazard I suppose, also its more for the troops to carry and worry about and maintain/Spam version of REME to repair, Spam version of RLC to stock spares and supply fuel for etc. What an absolute bollox idea! Why not just soak a sweat-rag in water and tie that around your neck, does the same job!

    It says its for helo crews, which would at least mean the troop doesnt have to carry it around. BUT do helo crews really need it, are they sweating as much as the inf and surely the door gunners in the back have the doors open meaning mucho natural cooling.

    Like why bother introducing it for tankies if CR2 has air conditioning and why bother introducing it for aircrew as can't they have a series of pipes pumping cooling water around their flightsuits (or electric-blanket-like-filament for ECW)?

    Best off not adopting fcuking useless braindead mongloid kit into service if you ask me... but the Spams will pay for it... :roll:
  3. Surely a joke?