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After a bit of a battle this afternoon, I've upgraded us to the latest version of the ARRSEpedia software. I'd therefore be grateful if any strange wiki behaviour is brought to my attention.


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Might just be me but the URL redirects straight to the wiki now.
Gonna be blonde and ask what the difference is in the software? Or is there not one?

Only asking because I am half way getting to grips with the wiki before the change :oops:
SFD - not for me it doesn't. Can you confirm that it is still doing it?

The software we use (MediaWiki) is an Open Source (i.e mainly free) project. Like all such projects, the people who develop it are constantly updating it to fix bugs and add new features. Depending on your point of view, this is either a very good thing or a complete pain in the ARRSE! Don't worry though there are no real changes to the functionality although if you want to see what has been updated then Click Here......
Am using firefox and not seeing this problem...

I'm thinking that it may be a cache problem at your end - try clearing the cache and see if that helps ....


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Probably just me then. Not a problem, I can get straight in via BFG's toolbar.

Edit: That was it BCO. Problem sorted, cheers.

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