New Vehicles for the Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by merchantman, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. The vikings sound like attrition replacements to me, the Jakal's should go some way to replacing the rest of the Land Rover based WMIKs, I just hope they get deployed in the right way.
  2. These were actually ordered for Iraq if I remember correctly and then only after the MOD were shamed into it after so many were lost in Snatches.

    After all we have been ar war ONLY for the last 5 years and we are still awaiting delivery of a few trucks FFS. :evil:
  3. I agree more helicopters are definitly needed. We have been in Afghanistan since 2001, there is no excuse for denying the troops on the ground the mobility that helicopters give them. We should have sufficient helicopters for 16 Bde to insert a full Para Bn in ONE LIFT, which would enable the initiative to be siezed and manintained at a tactical level. However, with current levels of Defence spending and political attitudes......I will stop there, as I know that the choir is listening on ARRSE.

    At the very least, these new vehicles should mean that Snatch Landrovers can be withdrawn from theatre; the level of protection offered by them is after all pitiful.

  4. Its a fcuking joke, thats for sure! This country built 5000 tanks and 20,000 fighters in one year in WW2, now we can't even get together a few afvs and helos for a war thats been on for 7years!!!!
  5. I hate to say it, and no doubt in would reinforce our reputation as the borrowers, but could we not maybe ask the US to lend us some? They provide the helicopters and pilots we provide the boots on the ground, and maybe help pick up part of the tab on maintenance costs. Just a thought.
  6. They are short of helicopters too.
  7. They must be getting through a lot of Vikings, as I recall that they purchased 20 odd extra ones last year.
  8. Plan D then, hire private helicopters to handle some of the less warry jobs to free up the regular assets. That or just carry on trying to struggle through as usual.