New Vauxhall owner to axe 1,400 British jobs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Another 'blinder' played by Mandleson then 8O
  2. Makes business sense to cut more in UK than on the continent.

    Unless the politics offers some extra reward to offset the business/financial negatives, Vauxhall will be gone by 2020.
  3. Ah, wonderful stats... so its a 30% cut here, but does Vauxhall make a similar proportion of cars for the EU market as the german plants do? Is it a similar reduction relative to their output? (I don't have the figures... but they must be somewhere).

    Smacks of a sensible business to me... As I understand it, Germany makes Opel's for the whole EU, while we make Vauxhall's for... erm... us.

    Harsh... but perhaps fair.

    I still think Mandy is a cnut though.
  4. Nope, actually they build Astras at Ellesmere which are sold all over the EU (badged as Opel Astras outside the UK). Opels built in the EU are sold here with Vauxhall badges (vectras/corsas and stuff) Ellesmere is the most efficient plant they have but Mandys been done up like a kipper by the German government and unions unfortunately.

  5. Anything with Mandlescum involved is doomed to fail,