New vacancy at 4 Div RTC (Malta Barracks)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tiggrsown, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Malta barracks is looking for a CSgt/WO2 to be the Sergeant Major of the Recruit Selection Wing
    Basic requirement is one maybe 2 weekends a month running TARS at ADSC(P), in addition they will be required to also participate in other RTC activities to reach the minimum requirement of service ie 50 days pa
    If anybody is interested just PM me
    Also Recruit Company at the RTC also has the following vacancies:
    1xLCpl AGC Military Clerk
    2xSgt/CSgt Cadre SNCO
    2xCpl/Sgt Instructor
    Any cap badge is welcome
  2. You're looking to be as understrength as we are.
    I for one cannot see why people aren't jumping at the chance to use their quals to the maximum and gain job satisfaction.

    *Jumping on Bandwagon*

    RTC(Sc) RTW are also very short of instructors and desperatly require new blood in, so anyone want to give it a bash come and visit on a taining w/e
  3. Can't explain why, but it just looks better somehow...

  4. Nope...Definitely prefered the original
  5. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just a slight amendment to BB's post . . .
  6. Resistance Is Futile...
  7. Despite having a personal preference/loyalty for J, it is truly open to all cap badges - one thing is for certain if you read the detail of the Reserves Review - the RTC's are the place to be in the future!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh yes in deedy!
  9. I see the CSM vacancy previously mentioned has been taken.