New USMC COmmandant's First Order

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. Well that's nice of him. Hardly the most inspiring rallying call to the troops though, is it JJ.
  2. 2 observations:

    1. He is the first aviator to be CMC--make of that what you will.

    2. His more fulsome (and hopefully inspiring) guidance will come next week.
  3. Colonel,

    I hope he takes a hard core stance and returns the Marines to what they were...Just my POS Opinion.

    Semper Fi 2/6
  4. We can but hope--aviators can be really good or......
  5. I suspect his very first order was "Colonel, get a brew on!"

    And his second, "Sgt, dig out the last Commandant's assumption of command message, change the dates and put my name on it!"
  6. I like the fact it was a proper signal. Some minor errors, but I'll let him off.....
  7. Assummed? Assumed? Adjutant needs gripping...
  8. I agree and have little doubt that has occurred. All such directives in the USMC are in tactical format.
  9. You mean formal message format? Hardly tactical.
  10. I apologiz(s)e--I should have said 5 paragraph order format.
  11. Well, it's short and sweet. I'll give it that.:-D:strong: Army assumption of command orders are equally as terse. It's the next directive that usually explains what the commander's philosophy will be and what determines the command climate. :eye: Aviators generally have a high opinion of themselves so the Marine Corps could be in for some interesting times.
  12. Could be terser.

    Anyway, I quite like the fact the USMC seem to get signals much better than the USN. Someone needs to introduce the squids to the ABC of signal writing.
  13. Would those be fixed or rotary wing type aviators.... ;)
  14. Beats me why it's referred to as "assumption of command". You'd think that, given his rank, the reference and his ability to read, he'd KNOW.

    What's wrong with "I have been given command of..."? (No need for date or by whom - it's in the Reference.)

    There now follows a discussion of Defence Writing...