New Uses for ICBMs

tomahawk6 said:

A rather novel idea. On top of it Gen. Lance W. Lord the USAF commander wants to resurrect the "wizards of Armageddon". Lately I have been concerned by the absence of brilliance of some of the USAF's senior management. Gen Lord's comment just has me wondering and shaking my head. I wouldnt be surprised if people would be frightened by his proposal.
I reckon he wants to stay of the moonshine, what a load of baloney. :roll:
mind you an ICBM would make the ultimate smart bomb probably would'nt even need a warload to ruin someones day
now if we can get george galloway with one :twisted:
They are getting rid of Peacekeeper.

This general wants to use the Minuteman IIIs for precision bombing with non-nuclear explosives.

We've adopted an in-your-face foreign policy apparently calculated to make as many enemies for this country as possible, all the while diminishing our capacity to hit back following a nuclear strike.

Teddy Roosevelt quoted the Zulus as saying "Walk softly and carry a big stick."

Our current leadership says: "Walk loudly and carry a big mouth."
Dumbest idea ever - Take a hypothetical situation, Dubya invades Eye-Ran, his generals fire off a bunch of these things. Who's next door to Iran, Russia, do they know that these are non-nuke warheads and that they won't undershoot the target (if they're fired over the pole)? The other option is to let them know first that you are firing them (as is done for the ABM trials, etc), but then your OPSEC goes out of the window.

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