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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SWINDLER, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm new to the forum, finally signed up after months of browsing, im hoping to join the Royal Artillery as a gunner later this year, i have had my BARB test so i just need to visit to my doctor to get my forms filled in.

    So far i havn't thought of a question that needs to be answered because it has everything!

    I'm still deciding on what part of the RA to go for, so if anyone wants to swerve me in one direction feel free to suggest! 8O
  2. Track pad on AS90 :)

    Although you must be willing to work under pressure, and be prepared to travel
  3. Welcome!
  4. Yeah i was looking at the Gunner AS90, it's a beast of a tank, do you think there is much on the combat side, in terms of the light rifle?
  5. Have a pop into the gunners forum for RA advice.

    Dont forget to use the stickies here for general joining up tips.
  6. Will do, thanks mate.
  7. AS90 is not a tank, it's a self-propelled gun. It's no more a tank than a Ford Ka.

    What's a light rifle? Do you mean the Light Gun?
  8. Well is'ts basically a tank then, a huge gun and you drive and live in it!
    By light gun i mean the SA80, i got light gun from light role infantry if that makes sense...
  9. I went into the AFCO today to see about my medicals getting sorted, but they are just getting my previous medical from the TA and doing that, so my doctor has filled this one in for no reason, it seems like a waste of time really!
  10. That's where the similarity ends. It's all about direct/indirect fire etc yadda yadda yadda.
  11. Its basically not a tank, as you'll find out when you start doing the job. there are myriad differences between a tank and a self-propelled gun.

    The L85 is a rifle. It is never referred to as a gun, because a gun is something different. Almost everyone carries the rifle, not just light role infantry.

    We are a pedantic lot ;)
  12. if you call it a tank when you get to your unit. The gun bunny's will jump up and down on your head ! :D
  13. No i wont, but it looks like one, acts like just saying!

    Gunner AS90 is my first choice now so im set to get my interview dates as they are getting my medical questionaires from the TA.
  14. Mate, to everyone not in RA or RAC - its a tank!!!
  15. So it is or it isn't?!?!!!
    In the RA booklet thing it calls in a cannon, so im going with that, unless your in the RA then im just confused...