New US forces in Afghanistan to be Game Changer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. New US forces in Afghanistan, including Kaneohe Marines, to be 'game changer'
    By Associated Press

    POSTED: 09:51 a.m. HST, Jun 09, 2009

    CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan (AP) — Newly arrived U.S. forces in southern Afghanistan will target insurgents crossing into the country from Pakistan and be a "game changer" in a region long dominated by the Taliban, a top commander said Tuesday.

    Col. George Amland spoke to journalists at Camp Leatherneck, a rapidly expanding base now home to around 7,000 U.S. Marines preparing to push deeper into Helmand province, an insurgent stronghold and a haven for violent criminals controlling a massive opium-poppy industry.

    The 1,000-member 2nd Battalian, 3rd Marine Regiment, from Kaneohe Bay is part of the Marine force based at Camp Leatherneck. The Pentagon reported today that a member of the Kaneohe unit, Lance Cpl. Joshua R. Whittle, 20, of Downey, Calif., died Saturday while supporting combat operations in Helmand province.
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  2. Roadside Bombs: An Iraqi Tactic on the Upsurge in Afghanistan
    By JASON MOTLAGH / GHAZNI Tuesday, Jun. 09, 2009

    The highway that runs between Kabul and the southeastern city of Kandahar is the most brutal evidence of the Taliban's IED offensive. The road is a showcase U.S.-funded project, meant to connect two of the country's most vital commercial centers. But today it is an automotive graveyard, littered with burnt-out carcasses of vehicles and disrupted by crumbled bridges. One infamous stretch is lined with the wreckage of 40 transport trucks, the remains of a 90-minute enemy ambush dubbed the "jingle truck massacre." (Afghan trucks hang chains and coins from their bumpers that create a jingling sound.) Every few miles, craters of varying size pock the pavement, interspersed with suspicious patches of dirt that compel patrol convoys to make off-road detours or dismount to investigate before proceeding.
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  3. So... we put boots on every mountain and cover every pass... then what? Maybe it's just me but unless we actually force the society there to change by educating the next couple generations in Western style schools and all that nothing we accomplish will last a month past us leaving.
  4. I think the ISI will be wondering if this guy has failed to notice this game has barely changed since Christmas Eve 79 in regard to Firangi interventions, except The Management in Lahore now has nukes and the war has moved South of the Durand Line.
  5. I fear you're quite right. And it's worth noting that one of the biggest complaints the locals had against the Soviet Union was their plans to do just that. The Taliban don't just burn down schools and kill teachers because they're scum, they do it because it is popular with certain sections of the local population.

    I don't believe that it is in the interests of either Europe or the US to spend the blood and treasure necessary. That's why I see the US redefining victory, popping smoke and baling out in a year or two. It's nothing to do with the Dems being in power, if McCain had won he'd be doing the same.