New US Army Uniform...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mongoose, May 6, 2007.

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  1. hahhahaha!


  2. Have they let a 3 yr old with a paint brush loose on it.

    Should it not read NEW GAY COMBAT UNIFORM
  3. *snigger*
    They do like a change dont they, every couple of weeks.
  4. Have to say that the style of shirt depicted on that cover is one which is being trialled for our guys, to wear under osprey. It'll have coolmax material for the torso and normal desert dpm sleeves...
    Saw this in a kit magazine not long ago (in my defence, it was the only reading material available during a long wait...).
  5. ^ Think there was a brief mention of that in Soldier this month... but I'm pretty sure it won't say ARMY STRONG! on it :twisted:
  6. PMSL!!!!
    They change thier kit more often than manchester united!!
  7. To be fair, there are places where the new kit provides excellent camouflage...
  8. PJ's ? Serious question?
  9. While I like the idea of a mock-neck, I don't think I'd be caught dead in one that made me look like a 90s boy-band reject! :D
  10. In fairness, apart from the ridiculous logo, it looks like it makes sense.

    About time they figured out that tankers can't wear the current issue gear.

  11. CT,

    Can you explain why tankers can't wear the current issue US kit?
  12. Perhaps it because the biggest size of the current kit is XL :D
  13. What's wrong with those nifty nomex coveralls with the carrying strap across the shoulders CT? Might of been around since the 90's but they are very functional...

    Want the definition of absurdity? Watching a bunch of CDATs (computerized dumb arsed tankers for those unfamiliar with the term) apply camo face paint prior to conducting an exercise. If the OPFOR doesn't notice one's 70 ton behemoth clanking up on them, what makes a leader think they will see the loader's acne covered mug eh?
  14. Glad I bought those shares in US textile printing companies . . . . . 8)

    I wonder what the June pattern will be? :?
  15. One thing to keep in mind gents is that if nothing else, a least our guys won't look like personnel in half the nations out there who we sold woodland pattern BDUs to (or who copied them.) So it will reduce the chance of fratricide to some extent.