New US Army Camo?


I belive this camo pattern never made issue and that it is used by walts who want to play at ghost recon AW in the woods.


Haven't they just gone over to digital similar to Marpat, only without the USMC logo?


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suits_U said:
If this is anything to go by I can see why it was scrapped.
Its poo.

I do camouflage me.......
I think that is a very bad shot. its the only one in the gallery where the camo stands out, then again, in those conditions you should have a white over suit on anyway.
the Canadians went digi first with their Cadpat. then the USMC adopted their digital MARPAT uniform in both a woodland & desert version.
the US Army then decided it needed a new camo kit.

I think multicam was one of the camo patterns on trial for the US Army, as was ACU. ACU won & was adopted by the US Army over the last 2 or 3 years. ACU is a digital camo with 2 or 3 shades of grey & is different from the USMC MARPAT Camo. it is supposed to be good worldwide, so they only get this & don't now have both woodland & desert patterns available as they did before, but I have reservations as to its effectiveness, especialy in a woodland / temperate enviroment.
not to be outdone, the US Air Force has reportedly adopted an urban colored blue/black/grey hawaian shirt type camo. the US Navy was trialing BDU's in various 'urban' type colors to make it more difficult for insurgent / terrorist snipers to take pot-shots at its sailors on-board ships in foreign ports, sort of "on ship camo" ?
but who cares, I is more than happy with British DPM for when us crabair go on ex :thumright:

camo spotter moment over!


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next we'll have triniy & susana coming on to say what camo pattern everyone is wearing this year! :biggrin:


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Lets hope to feck that the defense clothing IPT doesnt decide to get trendy with the new PECOC kit & decide it has to be a digital dpm.


& imo tri-color is the best for desert conditions. :numberone:


The small, New York-based design firm of Crye Associates was formed in 2000 and in 2001 won a contract to participate in the U.S. Army�s project �Scorpion�, which was the first phase of FCS (Future Combat Systems) program. Crye�s involvement in the project included a complete redesign/overhaul of the uniform and equipment worn by the combat soldier. One of the many innovative ideas/items that stemmed from that project is a new camouflage pattern. Unofficially referred to as the �Scorpion pattern� until now (as it was born out of the Scorpion project), Crye is now producing it as �MultiCam�. Newly established Crye Precision is the manufacturing/production side of design-oriented Crye Associates, and has introduced the pattern, as well as apparel and equipment made in MultiCam. Fabrics in 1000d and 500d Cordura and 2 weights of 50/50 NYCO twill are now available.
I like the innovative facial camouflage; incidentally, are the sunglasses mandatory?

Funny how every picture of multicam I've seen seems to be against a background of exactly the same coloured rock. I wonder how well it would work in any common-or-garden wood or desert.


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I've seen it used in Afghan, and i have to admit i thought it worked rather well. Dare i say it, better than Brit desert cam.


Its already been identified by brocky.

Its not, never going to be, part of PECOC (although the subject of digital DPM will not die a graceful death)

It has been bought by 'some' people but that should not be seen as the result of any better performance.

The key question about cam is where and how are you going to use it? No cam works everywhere so you have to make a sensible deduction about where you want it to be good and where you want it to be just ok. Multi cams are not crap anywhere; but they are also not good anywhere; that's not rocket science.

Crye cam is also copy writed; so no one can use it without paying Crye a cut, no little cheap DPM notebooks, fewer bits of load carriage because its all now more expensive, no ability to do quality assurance, no ability to stop them making changes you don't want, complete control over who gets what material in what priority, deciding who can use it so no manufacturing competition (big companies get it small innovative company's die).

The UKs can is desigend and owned by the MOD but given freely to anyone and long as it conforms to visual standards. We even give out out IRR specs. The bad side is that it gets seen all over the world (Rumanian soldiers wear it) good side is all manufactures make kit in UK DPM and they are already to suck up the costs of changing to the new PECOC stuff.
walt monthly had somebody floggin digital dpm webbing did'nt look very good.
only possible use would be to swap some young subbies kit for the stuff and watch the RSM explode :twisted:
For lovers of multicam, check it out in comparision to DPM (and aussie cam) in this country, tastfully modelled by a bunch of walts



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wellyhead said:
For lovers of multicam, check it out in comparision to DPM (and aussie cam) in this country, tastfully modelled by a bunch of walts

What are the two toppers on the right wearing on their heads and surely there is a law against it !!!! :lol:


We've got an American exchange officer just tipped up at our place, first time I've seen the new uniform close up. It actually have quite a bit of light green it it too, surprised me as it looks just grey on the telly etc.

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