New US Army BDUs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HVM_Boy, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. After the USMC, and USAF, the US Army is now getting new uniforms. They look a bit 'gay' for my liking.

    Light grey with desert boots? What were they thinking????!!!!!


    Look what the USAF are getting...


    And for comparison, what the USMC have...

  2. I'm sure all the above patterns have been used by MoD for chair covers and curtains! :lol:
  3. Starship Troopers
  4. Dammit. I was going to say that!
  5. itll just prove that the uniforms are as dull as the wearers :D
  6. I love the excessive use of velcro, with its hugely tactical 'Rrrrrriiiiiipppppp' sound when it gets snagged on something.
  7. So basically they have chosen a uniform that you don't have to iron and boots that you don't have to bull. It's just another way for sceptics to put even less effort into their appearence than normal.
  8. Tan combat boots?

    I am sure some huge brained bloke has asked why our boots are black, very recently.....

    Modesty forbids I mention my name...
  9. ...and lots of lovely space on the chest so they can stick their Boy Scout badges all over them.

    Defintely too gay for my liking, and as with previous Spam uniforms, very short on pocket space: where do they stick their fags, grenades, empty mags etc etc.
  10. how apt that the air forces uniform has gone for a "blue on blue" pattern.
    as for the armies new one , in the words of jeff banks
    "gay as f*ck mate" :lol:
  11. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
    I can just see the ruffy tuffy 82nd mincing around in that get up
    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. Looks like something a threw up...that certinly was a dodgy Lamb Bhuna and Sag aloo!

  13. That wrap around collar looks as uncomfortable as f*ck. As far as I can see, if it is done up it will be chaffing your neck and chin and making you bloody hot, and if it is down you will have a big floppy length of velcro dangling over your chest, snagging on every thing.

  14. posterboy from that beret, dont even get me started!
  15. OK, I have just noticed you can secure the collar on velcro when it is undone. I will wind my neck in :oops: .