New uplift on 8 year bonus

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by toonman, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. I qualified for my 8 year bonus in january signed paperwork twice but j pac never recieved it. Its now been faxed off to them on 2 april does that mean that with the new bonus uplift for 8 year money i would qualify for it or would i still be on the 2500 bonus.
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    I must have missed something here - What's the new 8 year bonus? I thought it was still £3000 before tax
  3. The 8 year bonus has now changed from 2.5K to 5K !!

    I would imagine that as you qualified prior to the change then you will get the 2.5K, not the 8K - sorry !!
  4. You are entitled to the bonus you became elgible for in Jan I'm afraid. It is based on reckonable service from the age of 18 not when you sign for it.

    If you were not paid then there would have been something wrong with the form dates etc. JPAC have a nice habit of discarding incorrect forms and not informing the SP or Unit HR. They never return receipt notes that I attach to bonuses 'too busy and not in their remit to return' apparently.

  5. I just got my 5 year bonus on time in Feb (3k before tax), is my interpretation of the new rules correct, in that as a bloke between 4 and 8 years, I will get 5k at the 8 year point?
  6. You can not get your bonus between 5 & 8 years and it vary on how much you get and what point you want your bonus, if you want your bonus at your 5 yr point then it is about £3150, that if you sign off at your five year point, but it you wait until your 8 year point then your would be entitled to a grand total before tax and NI off £15000, only if your joined from the 1st April 2004.
  7. Nope, I'm pre 1st Apr 04, so 5k it is. Better than a kick in the t1ts...
  8. Quick question.....

    With regard to the 5 & 8 year bonuses... I know you have to join after 1st April 2004.

    I joined in September 2003 But didn't turn 18 till May 2004! So reconable service doesn't start till the 18 year point which also my service to pension start date. If the bonuses come out of the pension then how can I be victimesed on both parts! I'm due my 5 year bonus this may coming so I dont know if I should hold off or not In claiming My 5 year if i can get the full 15k.

    Any Admin Gods out there I would appreciate any insight/info!
  9. chops youre on new scheme so if you want hold out for 15k however you need to think is it worth it (inflation and prob be in 40 % tax bracket for that year)
  10. Sorry the £15k scheme is only for reckonable service after 1 Apr 05, speak to your HR for the scheme that you will be on.

    Bonuses do NOT come out of your pension.
  11. i am very confused about this new bonus scheme. myself and manyy of my peers are in the same boat as we joined in july 2001 and arn't sure which bonus we are on.
    obviously we're not on the new 15K one, but are the duty rumours true we will get 5K rather than 3K pre tax??
  12. Jimbob - Yeah, you would have received your £3k bonus for 5 years already, and now you will receive £5k (taxed, so actually probably around £4k) for your 8 year bonus.
  13. thats diamond, i was expecting half of that, its nice to have the change of ruling go in my favour for once.

  14. Me too mate. I joined just before you did. I just caught this. Another year and I'd have missed out.