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New (UnNamed) Loyalist Terror Group Announced


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http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/...group-threatens-police-and-parades-commission (c) Yr Grauniad

"A new unnamed loyalist terror group has threatened members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and the Parades Commission in a potentially dangerous twist to Ulster’s turbulent marching season.

After clashes on Monday night between police and loyalists angered over the ban on an Orange Order parade in north Belfast, the group issued a statement to a local news agency in the city.

It said: “In the light of what has happened in north Belfast today we have no other option but to issue this statement. After today’s brutal assault upon the PUL [Protestant Unionist Loyalist] community and the random firing of baton rounds aimed to seriously injure our people we are left with no other option but to announce the PSNI and Parades Commission are legitimate targets."

I wounder if they'll be as water-tight as their predecessors.


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@irlsgt Why the dislike? I'm just forwarding the news, not endorsing the bastards.


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By the way, there was descriptions of the injuries sustained by 2 PSNI officers released today:

An inspector had an ear severed

Another officer's finger was only prevented being bitten off by his glove
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I hope they get shopped and chucked in gaol. Tw#ts like that will lead to the likes of CIRA, RIRA etc coming to the fore again while claiming to "protect" their communities by force against the "loyalist" threat - and it will all kick off again if this isn't trodden on.

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