new uniform, thoughts??

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by johnboy1990, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. just seen bbc news an seen they are changing the d.p.m, any point? any thoughts?
  2. Yes. I thought there were lots of threads about this already.
  3. More repeat's on here than BBC TV (so I've been told anyway :wink: )
  4. Look forward to March then!
  5. Why? Are you signing off?
  6. Yes.

    Please die immediately.
  7. Perhaps he didn't see all the other threads because they are camouflaged? :?
  8. Bring back Smocks Den ABF
  9. Oh dear more fecking kit for my loft :?

  10. No, Herrick 12. Mentioned we would be the first to get it.
  11. There have been various units wearing it for the last year or so.
  12. I have used a multicam daysack around Brompton for a little while now. Nobody has really noticed...maybe the cam is just that good.
  13. Or that no one cares. :roll:
  14. you mean your unit because apparently you have to pass a bpfa to be deployable ya know....