New Uniform for Scottish Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by montmorency, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Basically,

    It seems that the Council of Scottish Colonels have decided on Uniform for the New Regiment. I am currently sponsored by the Black Watch and would commission in August 2006. Would i commission into The Black Watch or the Royal Regiment of Scotland (when is the transfer?) and would i be having to by Black Watch uniform and then change to RRS Uniform?

    In Working Dress i assume a new Stable Belt, but retaining the TOS and Red Hackle?
    In No2's I guess its all going to be new with certain differences for different Battalions.
    No1's Havent got a clue.

    Anyone else know any better? What about Mess Dress?
  2. Try speaking to Lt col Riddell or Maj Proctor re this. I`m quite sure you will get an informed answer from them.
  3. What are they up to these days??