New underwear please..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Just a civvy, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Could it have been that dopey cunt Lower Jumper... He was quite proud of (allegedly) exiting the aircraft whenever he felt like it.
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  2. So he was on the cargo ramp 30 miles from the dropzone?

    Is that normal? I wasn't para trained but that seems a bit early .
  3. Good job he was wearing a parachute, he could have hurt himself falling from that altitude.
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  4. 30 miles at 5 miles a minute on the initial run-in, dropping speed of 2 miles a minute?

    Not that early maybe
  5. Accident? Fuck off, he'd spotted this and decided to just drop in...

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  6. Hmm. Bit risky. If the winds were wrong, he could have ended up in the partition with the woman in it.
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  7. I wish they would issue a warning before flying over my mums house.
  8. So he was Welsh then? The filthy sheep molesting cunt.
  9. I said put out the windsock not oh forget it ......

  10. piss_off_biggles.jpg

    I have a feeling she may have been warned before hand.
  11. RED Light means Go!
  12. I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. The "Welsh Sheep Shagger" is a myth. Not that sheep weren't being shagged, mind you, and not that it's natural to assume the perpetrators were Welsh, but it turns out that it was being done by Englishmen nipping over the border for some real sex. The resulting bastards were forcibly evicted from Wales. If proof were needed, I need only say one word - Brummies.

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  13. From a para making a sharp exit, to the origins of sheep shagging in 14 posts
    Only in the Naffi on Arrse :)
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