New UK Military Position - available??

Since Blair seems to like following the US lead in things.. has the Brit MoD established a position at the ' Admiralty ' or a course at Sandhurst for this US effort??

retired US Army Colonel James Scott is the Pentagon's official " Chief Laughter Instructor ".. He is a ' certified laughter-training specialist ' [ WTF??]..

" I laugh every chance I get.. [ not surprising what with the Bush regime - much to laugh at when not just shaking your head ]..That's why I'm blessed to be at the Pentagon..."

He teaches National Guard family groups to laugh " the guiding principle is to laugh for no reason...and that's why it works so well for military families " says he [ ????]

Th story is in US Today [ but that could be just a joke .]
Rocketeer said:
" the guiding principle is to laugh for no reason...and that's why it works so well for military families "
Laughing for no reason? Oh that will be the PTSD then.

I don't think Tony Blair approves of laughter, unless it is a)scripted and/or b)aimed at Gordon Brown.

Personally I don't think we need an Inspector General Military Humour and Japes (IGMH&J) but they would no doubt be supported by a couple of DDs (DDH and DDJ for example) at one-star level complete with full staffs. This division of the GS would no doubt be given the nick-name "the Laugh Staff" and be based at Upavon alongside that other master of comedy, DGD&D.

SO1 G6 (Humour digitization) would no doubt be reserved for Signals officers and the post would have responsibility for web-humour. Other posts would be shared out on a merit basis to officers from other regiments and corps; the most laughable officers of their generations being fast-tracked into the branch, so many cavalry types. SO2 (Carry On Humour) would however be restricted to personnel who had served in a mobile bath unit. Professional comedy writers would be recruited for the TA Humour Pool. Ultimately a Strategic Humour Regiment would be formed, with its massed bands issued with party squeakers and kazzoos. Barry Cryer would be appointed Hon Colonel in Chief.

Joint Comedy Staffs at PJHQ are arguably unnecessary, in the light of recent experience. However the Navy is never backwards in coming forwards when flag-officer posts are being created. The RAF would be naturals with presumably people moving seamlessly from a career in moving to comedy and back again. In fact there could be a saving possible if the two branches were for the policy boys in 2nd PUS' area perhaps to consider.

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