New UK Border force cant arrest drug or gun runners

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Another day another NuLiebour fcuk up

    In full

    is it just me or should every member of this 'Government' since 1997, be taken to an abattoir and be killed like rabid cattle.
  2. More civil servants. Worse, more useless civil servants.
  3. Surely a border force like this should have the same powers as a police force? Like the British Transport Police but specialising in the Border. I would even go so far as to request para-military status and a fully armed force such as the MoD Plod.
  4. If the force (can you use that word these days?) is going to be 25k in strength, where the fcuk is that money coming from? We are surely talking about many millions of pounds that are going to be spent doing a job that I thought Customs and Immigration did already.
  5. so your saying they have expanded the role of the PCSO's to include watching our borders. well it keeps them busy and stops them clogging up our streets i suppose

    policing our borders with the equivalent of PCSO's is a cheap option that wont deal with the problems we have.
  6. I actually do not think a 'Border Patrol' type force is needed.

    What is the mischief they are trying to target here? I am not sure. IIRC, this border force was aanounced in them midst of great media anxiety about immigration (most of which from the EU anyway). I think it is reasonable to surmise that this is a gimmick by the government to look as if it is doing something in the face of unremitting media pressure.

    There is no reason for a border patrol type force because there is no mischief to be solved. This is an island for god's sake and the country is surrounded by people who have a right to enter the UK anyway. Therefore there isn't the problem of large numbers of people climbing fences etc to get over the border like other land-locked countries outside the EU.

    With some report about immigration out today, I wonder what new gimmick the goverment will come up with...
  7. this is Tory mischief-making - the Border people would get a police officer to do the arrest - they are obviously NOT going to be geared up for the many many hours of extra paperwork which would follow. I wish journos/politicians would think before slagging of people doing their best in difficuly conditions. :roll:
  8. We have an EU border security organisation called Frontex, they have been operational (or not) since 2005.
    Their brief is to help member states coordinate their efforts to stop the floppys from entering the EU, however, they have so far been largely ineffectual.
    Still, as a means to waste more money, they are currently inviting tenders for an audit of just how ineffective they have been.
  9. Not when talking about the then becomes a 'Service'. :roll:
  10. IIRC the Army in NI had to arrange for the PSNI / RUC to pick up detained persons as well. How is this any different?

    T C
  11. Would it really be so hard to train a proper "Border Police Force" There are so many simple example models outside of normal county forces.

    British Nuclear Plod
    British Transport Plod
    Mod Plod

    In Scouse Land we have 'The Port of Liverpool Police' and i'm sure other places have similar affairs.

    This is just more Pointless Labour drivel in order to dodge the Prison crisis!

    I also agree that any Border force should be an almost Para military affair. Armed to the teeth with weapons and patrol boats.

    In an ideal world these people would be backed up by tough legislation and 'Rules of engagement' for punishing drug runners/human trafficing/illegal activity in British Waters/shores/Airfields.

    I make my self laugh! :roll:
  12. Well instead of spending more money on creating a new force to do this, why not expand current agencies that already have the required knowledge?

    Why can we not expand the MOD Plod and MPGS to do the patrolling and the RN to do the boat type stuff. They already have the existing infrastructure so it would be just a case of building up the equipment and troop numbers.

    T C
  13. It is window dressing/spin by this governement. Basically it is HM Immigration Service, elements of Customs and special branch. They have just 'spun' it into a completely new organisation, giving the impression that there are 25k more border officers being produced, when in fact, they are already there.

  14. Spin! Spin you say! I am shocked to discover this .................. :roll:

    liabour :x
  15. Closet_Jibber Don't forget are mighty Tunnel police! Cones were in danger of being nicked from the tunnel until this elite force of obese ex bus inspectors stepped up to the mark!
    Equipped with everything the Police force have they are truly a waste of time money and skin!