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New UK Airport Questionairre?

This is a Daily Mail article so most of it can be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Also it doesn't say anything about filling in a questionairre by the passenger at the airport. My reading of it is that the information will be collected on booking tickets and contains the sort of information which is required when purchasing an air line ticket anyway.

It could be worse, just imagine if that wanted to fingerprint every visitor to the country; now that would be something worth complaining about! :wink:


Book Reviewer
Q1: Are you carrying a bomb?
Q2: Are you a terrorist?
Q3: Do you hate infidels?
Q4: Are you a Muslim?
Q5: What's that in your heel?
Q6: Have you waited the requisite three days to get on your flight?
Q7: Are you annoyed enough to kill because of this questionnaire?

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