Just seen the new UBRE, it does exist!!, or UST as it will be known and put it this way mouth open and wow comes to mind!
Not one for over emphasis but i was impressed. German/UK built and based on the chassis that will replace the 4tonne, 8tonne and 14tonne vehicles. I have pics but probably due to commercial confidence i cant really post or link.
MAN/ERF and Fluid Transfer
Its quite a respected company in fuelling circles, most of the refuelling vehicles u see at airports have had some sort of equipment fitted, made by them.
8/07/2005 UK MOD Support Vehicle Contract
FTi secures contract with prime contractor vehicle manufacturer MAN for the fuelling packages on 311 Unit Support Tanker Vehicles (UST) for the UK MoD. The contract will last approximately 4 1/2 years with the first prototype of a number of variants is due for completion around April 2006 and the last vehicle is due for delivery in March 2010. The base chassis will be of a 6 x 6 configuration with 7000 litre fuel capacity.
Fluid Transfer
Is this what you mean?

Yes, there will be a Medium and Improved mobility versions. Although the capability of the Medium will keep up with most first line vehicles.
but have they got rid of the DP????
maybe a nice engine power take off?????
i hate DP's especially with a mt snco who has banned
easy start!
No DP, all PTO. Get the picture of the UBRE out of your mind, this truck is a whole new ball game, a lot bigger. After seeing a video of MAN trucks on a test track i can say it will keep up with Warrior!
"What's all that health and safety fencing bollox all about on the top. Hardly a tactical vehicle looking like that!"

Im afraid thats what H&S dictates, and it has to be up to open the hatch. But actually you will only need to go up at start of day and end. There are meters on it etc. During ops you dont need the hatch open. And it will be sprayed green!

anyone know what size engine?

I can find out but its big and more powerful than DROPS etc.

i dunno id say maybe just under the 2 pod setup of a 4 tonne daf shed ubre

but just look NO DP thats got to be a god send

It holds 7000ltrs which is more than the largest UBRE, the 8tonne. The size is dictated by the ability to travel x-country at speed. Remember its in a different world from a DAF. It cant be a dismountable tank, like the UBRE, as it wouldnt comply with modern regs. Also you will be able to carry the truck without degassing the veh on ship.
As for DP, stop truck, apply handbrake and press a switch in the cab and the pumps ready!

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