Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vaughany, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. boring
  2. I'm from Swindon. Talking bollocks is the only entertainment I can get when i'm not out stabbing.
  3. Kit tart senses quivering......................
  4. That to go with the woodland osprey cover we have?

    Looks abit gay to me
  5. im not a fan of the UBACS shirt

    specially in the desert, the material on the sleeves is too thick, with the padding adding extra layers... gets a bit sweaty

    tailored brown t shirt with desert sleeves worked better
  6. When would you wear it ? Save your money and buy some old style tropicals. Now those are ally . :D
  7. well put. them shirts were ally when they first came out and everyone was after them. now there shit, you see fat hats in bastion cutting around in them and chicks. not ally
  8. These woodland UBACs were manufactured for the first round of the PECOC trials that have just finished. There were 3 version which were only slightly different but from 3 different manufactures.

    All went down well with the trial troops. At the moment all the various versions of PECOC (3 at the moment and a soon to be decided hybrid) have a woodland UBACs as part of the system. Also for info all the replacements for the shirt\LW Jkt are body armour compatible.

    This is a classic case of the MOD getting stuff made up for trials and the manufacturers deciding that they will make some money before the main issue. A good piece of kit and a reasonable price in civvy street but about 450% more than what the MOD will pay for the same item. How much do you want one now is the question!

    Also note that the IRR standard will change soon so all the manufacturers currently using IRR will have to change or not be hitting new improved standards
  9. price is irrelevant. still dont want 1. id take some trops anyday. especially when these get issued to every swinging dick