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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by chokinthechicken, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Anybody been watching Respectable on CH 5, It's about a Whorehouse and the clients. Funny as Fcuk, give it a try, you'll like it.

    CH 5 Wedensday nights 2230 hrs.

    CTC :D :D
  2. Sorry mate can't get CH :(
  3. I have'nt seen it but suspect it's cheap laughts due to it's lowest common denominator subject matter.
  4. Watch Kath and Kim, Aussie white trash and actually funny enough to make me laugh out loud.
  5. I really like Shameless although in real life I'd hate living next to those chavs!
  6. Saw it tonight, not bad did have some funnybits but Swinging on before was better

    However Jodi Albert in a basque, frigging 'eck :worship: :worship: :worship:

    oh and who is the one that plays Kate ? She looks very familar
  7. Jodi Albert? Ahh yes, I switched over and saw about 30 seconds of this comedy and know what you're talking about now. The fat bloke from the butter advert's in it.... but I suppose you already know that.

    So, Jodi in a basque. Amazes me how lads can get so infatuated with a pastil skinned shapeless bird dressup up like her mum. I never could see what lads would see in the similar lasses in lads mags such as GQ and Loadede etc. Maybe I'm just getting past it!
  8. i'm with you here d&g, long live the gallaghers. :D :D :D :D
  9. Shameless...the show they modelled on my family!!! Bless 'em! :oops: :D
  10. Whilst watching hollyoaks I was always thinking that a show with Jodi Albert in good underwear would be a cracking idea, I'm just glad my parayers have been answered!!
  11. It will not beat Shameless or Dads Army or any of the old style comedy genre, but it beats a lot of the pish you see on telly nowadays.

    WH, I didn't see Swinging, but will review next week.

    I enjoy comedy where there is no canned laughter, The Green wing also impressed. IMHO.

  12. So, like me you'll HATE that crap Me and My Family (I think it's called). Any comedy where a middle aged married unhappy couple make snide (attempted wit) remarks at each other is not comedy. No wonder marriage is dead! Pathetic really.
  13. Respectablle is the best comedy on TV for ages - love it.

    Even better (ppossibly) is the comedy programme just before it called 'Swinging' - excellent
  14. 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' by a mile.