New tsunami

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Goku, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. It looks like its the same tectonic plate, just the other side, doesn't sound to good, but lets hope it calms before reaching any land mass.
  2. What I'm waiting for is the terrorist attack forcast by John Reid, Ian Blair and other assorted government spout mouths.

    But look at my hands, funny that, they are not shaking.
  3. Fcuk off trolling cnut.

    If it doesn't happen let's be grateful. I have no doubt there are many people out there wanting to harm the UK and its citizens; whether or not the risk is overstated is a different matter.

    Let's hope there is no repeat of 2 years ago for the Philippines; I've had enough of death and destruction, and I'm sure they have as well
  4. What the hell does that have to do with an earthquake and a tsunami??
  5. Turn the SLR on yourself, open that massive minging mouth, and pull the trigger, you arrse.

    How on earth has this t1t not got aan O2 tag?
  6. Crabby, Lost at sea, guru,
    Simple question for simple folk.

    If Ladbrokes had been taking bets would you have laid your money on an Al Qaeda terrorist attack happening over Xmas?

    Of course you f'ucking wouldn't, now f'uck off and have a happy Xmas.

    And make it your New Year resolution not to believe what you read in the papers.
    Remember WMD do you?
  7. SLR, what the fcuk are you on?

    WMD has nothing to do with a natural disaster of a tsunami or earthquake. This natural disaster could end up killing thousands like the one did 2 years ago.

    Someone get this guy an O2 Thief tag.
  8. SLRboy, Reality? Remember it do you? Try visiting sometime.

    Meanwhile what the fuck do WMD have to do with a natural disaster. (Tectonic plates can't be blamed on el ninio or global warming or terrorism)
  9. SLRboy, But of course! The obvious al-Qaeda-Christmas-tsunami-earthqake connection! How could I be so blind? Now pass the magic mushrooms, someone...
    On a brighter note, sounds like the Japanese Meteorogical Agency is saying that the danger of a destructive tsunami has now passed. Let's hope so...
  10. Lostasea,
    Is that what the Jap weatherman said eh?
    Well f'uck it!

    I'd just grabbed my board and was one my way to the airport to catch me the big wave I've been waiting for all my life when I read your post.

    Now I'm trawling in traffic back fom Heathrow, thanks for ruining my Xmas.
  11. You really are a trolling cnut aren't you.
  12. suits_U,
    answer to your question - yes.
    Happy Xmas.

    Now about this tsunami thingy.
    First the report was on Sky in between the tits arse and lottery results.
    Secondly a big destructive wave hitting a coast on a Boxing Day exactly two years after one before was not very likely was it?

    Ergo: SLRboy didn't take it seriously and used it as a golden opportunity to wind you all up!

    And I don't know about you but my sad little Xmas has been made all the merrier for it. Thank you all for leaping for the bait so readily.
  13. Cnut.

    Unlikely but possible. ( so basically it happened; but the one two years ago was a 9 - 9.2, hence devastation)

  14. Crabby,
    try and expand your vocabulary a little please.
    might work well enough in a zoo but out here where we wear clothes a little more variety is generally expected.