New Trucks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chibber, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. You'll have to ask CH5120, he's the resident vehicle gnu.
  2. Like the Genie in the bottle, rub and i appear!!

    Yes, they are the ones that leak when it rains. A fault that was picked up on the trials and involves a couple of lads in MAN civvy vans (well at our place they did) coming round and sorting it. Its known about and will be sorted.

    As for your comment about a Bedford, by all means have one. But some how ill doubt you would say that if you are in HERRICK this year and a fully armoured (armour + bar armour), air con, BOWMANised non-leaking truck comes past :wink:
  3. Could have put a feckin stereo in though, You can't play cd's on BOWMAN (officially).
  4. For those of you who are still not swayed by my brilliant PR effort on ARRSE ref MAN Support Vehicle, then if you are bored on the 24-26th May and near Beaulieu Motor Museum come down. Aside from escaping the trouble and strife, there is one of those Military Fairs/Displays going on and i will be taking, if MAN pull it out of the bag(!),
    1 x HX60 Armoured
    1 x HX58
    1 x HX77 EPLS or Cargo.
    The EPLS variant is a UOR buy of a DROPS type vehicle mounted on a 15tonne (HX77) chassis. They are not a DROPS replacement, but for Operations only.
  5. Could of done, but i remember a couple of the nice stereos in the Multidrive tankers that went missing when they arrived in Ashchurch :wink: And besides, the bloody SQMS in our Unit used to always keep them in his store and was never open when you needed it. :evil:
  6. That'll be the old phrase of 'we forgot to take the stereos out of the secure cage before the vehicle was issued' shennanigans!!!

    Bloody civvies!!! (They are the ones who run kit stores).
  7. Need A Hand
    :wink: :wink:
  8. Intersting about the new trucks.


    Fair one about the armour. It was a tad disconcerting driving into Basra when the warrior in front closes the hatches and you've fcuk all except CBA and a tin-lid.

    Glad the army has listened and produced something that will improve the protection of the driver.

    Other than the leaky roof (which you've assured us will be fixed) the truck looked pretty good. I know Bedfords have done well in sandy places because of their simplicity. How do you think the new beast will fair in the dust and heat?
  9. More to go wrong quite frankly, but time will tell.
  10. I admit that there are more electronics in Support Vehicle than say DROPS etc. But then other electronics are being used to save lives, such as ECM.
    But todays Ops rely a lot more on electronics, such as ECM, BOWMAN etc. If you look on the JAVELIN anti-tank missile, the box of tricks that fires it is all electronics. The electronic system on Support Vehicle is mainly Civilian Off The Shelf (COTS), as in its already being used over millions of miles in thousands of trucks. MAN would not be in business if it failed all the time. Yes, the environment we use it in is more harsh. And like you say time will tell. The vehicles have been tested in both hot and cold tests, of which i carried out the cold tests on some of the vehicles. As long as they are operated correctly etc then i dont see there being a big problem.
    Although i have my edible hat ready if im wrong! :wink:
  11. They look like nice wagons. Saw one near Deepcut the other day, think it was the 4-ton jobbie, the replacement for the Bedford/DAF.
  12. It will be the 6 ton version, which will replace the 4t DAF and Bedford. The 9t will replace the 8ton Bedford and the 15t will replace the 14t Bedford.
  13. Bet they still have shite wooden benches.
  14. Yes yes, thats all very well, but what the hell are we doing with all them Tellars eh? Surely there is no excuse?