New Tritium S/F Automatic Divers Watch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. We have just received some of the Tritium GTLS Special Forces Divers watches with the GTLS tubes (like Traser) this model has the automatic 21J movement. We ordered 20 and got 4 !!!! One I am keeping for myself, one was a pre-order so 2 are left on sale.

    Click Here for more information

  2. Nice, but I think I'll stick with my Traser.

    This one, with a metal strap and white face for £89 on ebay.

  3. If it has a white face it isn't a Traser - probably a Chinese copy. Traser only make military style watches with black faces. They produce diver variants in yellow and orange.

    Visit and you will see the genuine Traser watches.

    Someone in China made some copies which have tritium from a chinese factory. As long as you wear lead underpants you should be OK ! The only one I have seen is the chronograph copy - looks great till it rains.... they didn't put any seals in the crown.
  4. hmm, a copy you think? well, it seems good enough quality to me. I have a P6500 too (which I bought direct from Traser) and it is virtually indistinguisable, and I'd go so far as to say it was better.

    Haven't compared them under a Geiger counter tho.... :crying:

    How can i tell if it is a copy?
  5. Aren't Traser, H3 and Luminox the same company?...

  6. yeah, just like the Luminox one above.

    /awaits a response I don't want to hear.
  7. well, then its a bloody good copy.

    Must admit, i was a bit suspicious when it came in a box like this....

  8. Luminox and Traser are not the same company.

    Luminox is owned by a US/Swiss partnership and the only common components are now the GTLS tubes.

    mb-microtec used to make the watches for Luminox but stopped about a year and a half ago.

    The watches are similar in quality, although Traser is probably better.

    Since moving manufacturers, Luminox have started to cut costs in several areas of build, including replacing the bezel vial on some models with a painted plastic dot. Also, Traser can be repaired and serviced in the UK. Luminox has to go back to Switzerland for any warranty work.
  9. That is a proper Traser box. If you got a Luminox in a similar box then its either a copy or second hand. Luminox come in long plastic boxes or square solid ones with a Luminox logo.
  10. No, i got a Traser watch in that type of box. I was just commenting on the white face. I have seen Luminoxes with a white face, and trasers with orange, yellow and blue faces.

    I assumed that Trasers could come with a white face. It looks good actually. Must post a pic of it on here some day...

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