New Travian Speed Server & ARRSE Alliance

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by paul2005, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Edited post to read:

    Ladies & Gentlemen, the new Travian speed server has now started.

    During the last round, we rose rapidly to become recognised by most of the larger alliances as a force to be reckoned with and were well respected for our achievements.

    Although the Alliance is called "ARRSE" don't be misled that it's purely led and played by those FORUM members, we have members from Rum Ration, E-goat and Rear Party amongst a few "select" non-members who were befriended during the last game.

    For those who have not played before Travian is a free online strategy game, you can play as a Gual, Roman or Teuton where you build villages, trade, engage in diplomacy, fight wars, invade others and build alliances.

    The game starts slow but as you grow and towards the end it can become quite frantic!

    We have big plans for this Server and are encouraging all ARRSE Pers to join the fun.

    Here a link to join the alliance:

    Travian Arrse Alliance Link

    Register for Speed 3x and select North West as your starting position.

    Once in game message me at co-ords -30/8 in game name Monty and also PM me on here, that way we know who you are.

    If you've played Travian before, could you include your Travian name and which server you played on, it would help with the vetting - thanks.

    Any questions please don't be shy, post here or PM me.
  2. PM sent.
  3. Ready aye ready
  4. With a waiting list to join the ARRSE alliance & so many wanting to join it, is it worth someone starting an ARRSE II
  5. It's in hand, Dr. The new alliance that is :D
  6. Only just started today but can see the potential for a laugh so am gaining experience on server 5 now.

    I'll be up for it when the new speed server starts.

    IGM tiprat.
  7. I started on uk5 last night and yes, it is slow to start with but if it speeds up I'd definitely like to play in an ARRSE alliance. Anyone who's there can look for the appropriately named horridlittleman village!
  8. Try not to judge the speed server on your experience in server 5.

    Speed Server runs at x3 the speed of the "normal" servers i.e. Server 5. So you are able to build buildings and troops quicker (in fact resources have a x3 value i.e. wheat field level 10 on server 5 produces 200 per hour where as on speed it produces 600). The normal servers usually last a whole year but the speed server only lasts around 4 months and has alot more players and alliances involved and tobe honest is alot time consuming to the point of addiction for some.

    Once you get playing speed it'll be like driving in the fast lane, especially once it starts gearing up.
  9. I'll be on there as Chunty again, now f'king upgrade the embassy on server 5 so I can join the alliance!
  10. Tigerchef will be there.
  11. Second wing is up! Check your inbox.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Put me down for the new speed server.

    Don't forget everyone - when you start your account on the new speed server - GO TO THE NORTH WEST OF THE MAP!!!!!
  14. For those interested in a slower server which requires less high maintenance in terms of time or wanna have a trial run before speed starts, sign up for Server 5 on the link below:

    Server 5 sign up here

    Once in game message buggrit to join the ARRSE Alliance.
  15. Registration has started for the UK 3x server. Where is this link to get somebody gold? Everyone I know in ARRSE has already signed up!