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Perhaps the ATRs should do away with all forms of discipline (for recruits), bin any form of realistic exercise and treat these new potential soldiers like they are all on an extended holiday, this would ensure that they are fully prepared for the real Army.

Oops.......I have just been told this is already happening.


Its a well known fact that the more pens,T shirts, cups etc the better the soldier will  be and they are good for retention ie What has the army done for me "well please stay in lad and ill give you an eraser and a pencil case"


stop giving them the bulls arrse day in and out, telling them this is what the real army is, Bollo.........x, stop making them mark time for a posting, get them trained for there jobs and get them posted straight away.
ARE U THEREEEE! .............................GLASGOW MCM DIV.
Lets also all grow long hair, goaties, and go home at the weekends......!  Well, guess what, the ill informed press get it wrong again.  The suicides were at Deepcut - Ph2 trg rather than Basic!  Anyhow, thanks to that lovely programme about National Service recruits, people think that all training regimes are harsh and brutal - well how else are you supposed to mould a team, and turn young people into soldiers - take away their playstations?

The problem with Deepcut, and other Ph2 organisations is that because they are mainly staffed with lets say, the less thrusting of SO2s, ATRA sized budgets, and also contractors (yup, the C-word again), you end up with a huge backload of soldiers (SATTs), sitting around.  There is no reason why driver training and other courses can't be run from 4pm to midnight!  The same goes for other schools too.  You could easily clear a large backlog of students by roping in military instructors from other regiments to work the evening shifts for a period of time.  Short term pain for long term gain.

Another problem is that of the recruiting pipeline.  Currently, recruits are shoved into Ph1 as quickly as possible, then they wait for courses for up to a year at certain places, doing menial jobs.  What should happen, is that the recruits are not loaded into ATRs until say 18 weeks before their intended Ph2 course starts, giving them a chance to be back coursed once.  OK, so it means them waiting in civvy street a bit longer - however, it saves a huge amount of money being wasted on clothing, feeding and accomodation whilst the students sits on his/her hands waiting for Ph2.

To slim down the Ph2 backlog at the moment, more effort needs to be made to place the SATTs into field force regiments so they can be better supervised and managed while waiting for their Ph2 course to start.  Unfortunately, this has proved all too difficult for some of the older/set in their ways lot to get their heads around, as it involves some effort, but lets face it, most of the SATTs would rather be stagging on in UK/Germany, catching the odd exercise and adv trg course into the bargain.  It also keeps them motivated, and largely out of trouble while waiting for Special to Arms/Corps courses, it costs next to nothing, apart from a trooping flight.  Lets face it, if I were a Sqn/Coy OC, I would love to have a few extra hands to help out.  

OOps, outbreak of common sense again - sorry, won't happen again!
or option 2, make Ph1 longer with greater emphasis on phys fitness, general education and skills, and an "all arms" look-see culminating in an adv trg ex or exped to somewhere arduous. Let's see.....someone must have thought of this before? Oh yes, RMAS!

If you want to recruit soldiers, it isn't with gizzits at the recruiting office or promises of tours to hot and sunny climes, but by telling the potential recruits that they can expect up to 30 weeks of training that involves learning military skills, as well as seeing the army in its various roles out in the field creating a big picture, and culminating in an exped somewhere worthwhile. The recruits then see the relevance of their new role in the army, get a taste of the all-arms scenario, develop skills beyond high school education, learn a new sport, get fit, and can look forward to a demanding but fun expedition somewhere exotic before learning their trade and going into the job.

Am I speaking common sense? If so I'll wind my neck in in case an SO1 might just fancy an easy life and no work and gets the wrong idea that something might just be expected of him other than shuffling papers behind a big mahogony desk in the MoD. Come on people, this really isn't difficult or expensive to sort out if only you are prepared to put in a bit of effort to think it through and make it work.


Can the ATR just send us well rounded useful individuals, that dont go to a Phase Two Training locations like Deepcut, Keogh or St Omer and become the'scum of the Earth' (Quote Wellington)


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This type of idea was trialed in Scots DIV a couple of years ago - potential recruits were put on a 12 week welcome to the Army course which aimed to improve fitness, education and awareness of all aspects of life and career offered by the Army - It was a huge success with the majority of attendees going on to complete Phase 1 and 2 in the top 20% and being of serious use to theirrespective regiments.

However, the MOD and treasury in their infinite wisdom when seeing a solution that worked really well scrapped it.

On another note, doing my current job, which is to help her majesties finest to recruit lots of new happy little soldiers i can best say that training is an issue for some of these individuals because the recruiting offices are under pressure to reach stupid targets and also the little gits now have far too many  rights under the EC - solution is simple but not workable in this current PC climate.

Basically the Army now reflects society and for a minority of society the thought of actually having to work for their money is a horrifying prospect- Recruit selection centres need to get tougher.....

rant over...


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Many thanks - now due to people wanting to piss off and build sandcastles in the sun, the Army have pulled part of their marketing budget and I'm out of a job.....bugger :mad:
For the time being - ask yourself this as a PH1/2 Pl Comd/Sgt/Cpl

"Would I rather have a gap in my unit, than keep this soldier in the army any longer?"

If all of you can answer yes, then bin the toe rag!  Trust me, you are saving the taxpayer money, as the further down the chain they get, the worse they become.  Please, weed them out at Ph1!  Time for balls/ovaries ladies and gentlemen!

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